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This year, meet us at the intersection of IT security and society.
It's going to be an exhilarating ride.
Sunday, January 6th, 2019

We hope you are all starting the New Year with the right amount of energy, confidence, and motivation.

We are ready for an exciting year and, in this first week, we have already had conversations with some organizations that have been doing an excellent job for the infosec industry and our community.

We are looking forward to joining forces with them to bring you even more from the intersection of IT security and society, to extend our influence, and to contribute to the causes we care about and cover on our columns:

At The Edge | DiverseIT | An Infosec Life | The Cyber Society | The Academy

Stay with us, is going to be an exhilarating ride.

This is not a wish — it is a promise. 


Selena, Sean, and Marco.

As usual, stay tuned, enjoy this week's content, and share it recklessly. 
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In case you missed this podcast during the recent end-of-year festivities, we left it in this week's newsletter. This is an important initiative that we are supporting at this year's RSA Conference. We invite you to listen to this conversation, learn more, and join us if you are going to take part in RSAC this year.

Chats On The Road To RSAC 2019 | Better Together: Solving The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage At RSA Conference 2019

By Selena Templeton, host of DiverseIT

Welcome to the first episode of ITSPmagazine’s 2019 “Chats on the Road to RSA Conference,” a series of podcasts leading up to the annual conference in San Francisco in which we connect with conference organizers, speakers, presenters, and panelists. Today’s guest is Karen Worstell, CEO of W Risk Group, to chat about her new “Better Together: Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage” seminar at RSA Conference 2019.


Join Us For Yet Another Memorable Road Trip To San Francisco

It has become an ITSPmagazine tradition to start our coverage with what we call Chats On The Road To RSA Conference. We connect with conference speakers, presenters, panelists and organizers to start the conversation way before anyone else does.

Have a story to share and want to join us for the journey? We invite you to discover the benefit of the full coverage sponsorship and let us know if you are interested in joining us for our wild and crazy adventures. We look forward to another exciting conference. ​

Learn More About Our RSAC SF 2019 Coverage

Podcast From The Cyber Society

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society
A conversation with Ariel Herbert-Voss and Sean Martin

Computer science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and many more disciplines are needed to prepare our future with AI. Because we cannot hide behind a pointing finger and say machine did it; that would mean that we, humans, did it.

In my humble opinion, Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally an extension of humanity and an evolution of the state of being human.


Podcast from The Academy

ITSPmagazine’s Sean Martin and Selena Templeton chat with Elizabeth Lopez, a graduate of NPower’s Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3) program and a Security Operations Associate at KPMG, about her story that starts with a knack for computers and a job at the local library — which led her to NPower, a nonprofit that trains military veterans and young adults from underserved communities.


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From The Experts Corner

Local governments and small businesses are frequently being targeted by ransomware attacks. What makes these entities prime targets for malware and how can they avoid being an easy target? Cohesity CTO Steve Grewal suggests what government officials and business owners can do to avoid having their operations halted.


From the Experts Corner

How The CTO Became The New Chief Privacy Officer

It is impossible for privacy professionals using manual, survey-based approaches to stay on top of an environment of ever-changing data and these days, the CTO is increasingly being tasked with operationalizing their companies’ data privacy solution. Kristina Bergman, CEO and co-founder of Integris Software, outlines four recommendations for CTOs when it comes to Data Privacy Automation.

Read More →

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