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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

- John Wanamaker
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Join Us For Yet Another Memorable Road Trip To San Francisco

It has become an ITSPmagazine tradition to start our coverage with what we call Chats On The Road To RSA Conference. We connect with conference speakers, presenters, panelists and organizers to start the conversation way before anyone else does.

ITSPmagazine coverage, podcasts, webcasts, articles, and all our happenings during RSA Conference 2019 will be made possible by the generosity of our sponsors. We are ever so grateful for your support.

Have a story to share and want to join us for the journey? We invite you to discover the benefit of the full coverage sponsorship and let us know if you are interested in joining us for our adventures. We look forward to another exciting conference.

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Podcast From Chats On The Road To RSA Conference 2019 | San Francisco

By Sean Martin, Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In today’s chat, Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin connect with Patrick Heim, Operating Partner and Chief Information Security Officer for ClearSky ventures and Richard Seiersen, author, startup advisor, and former LendingClub CISO, to learn more about this year’s Innovation Sandbox during RSA Conference 2019.

Podcast From The Cyber Society | Column Sponsored by ___ Your company ___ Maybe? 😉

By Marco Ciappelli, host of The Cyber Society

A conversation with Ted Harrington | Executive Partner at ISE and organizer of the @IoT Village

What is this conversation about? 

It is about the World Economic Forum and it is about cybersecurity, which is now officially recognized as one of the top 5 global threats. 140 participants representing about 90 organizations and 25 nations spent two days together discussing how the cybersecurity challenge could be addressed and resolved as a cross-border issue, with no nationality.


Unusual Gathering | Episode XVI
Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society

January 16, 2019

Kika von Klück | Thom Langford

Marco Ciappelli | Sean Martin

This Episode:
Advertising, Branding, Marketing, and Privacy in the Cyber Society

On today's podcast we talk about branding, advertising, and marketing in the age of Big Data, Internet of Things, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and, of course the World Wide Web; the primordial soup pond that has given life to this Cyber Society of ours.

More than one hundred years ago, John Wanamaker, an American merchant and political figure, considered by some to be a proponent of advertising and a "pioneer in marketing," proclaimed,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

So, where do we stand today?

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Podcast From Diverse IT | Column Sponsored by ___ Your company ___ Maybe? 😉

By Selena Templeton, Co-host Marco Ciappelli

Selena Templeton and co-host Marco Ciappelli chat with Whitney Merrill, a privacy and data attorney who also founded the crypto village at DEFCON, about cyberbullying, anonymity and privacy rights. In this inspiring story, Whitney recounts how being cyberbullied in high school, and the frustration of being told by teachers and police that they couldn’t trace the user, led directly to her career in information security, privacy and the law.

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From the Experts Corner​

With hundreds, if not thousands of security alerts per day pouring into Security Operations Centers (SOC), security professionals are fighting a losing battle. Fortunately, tried-and-true manufacturing techniques can turn the tide. Heather Hixon of DFLabs outlines two techniques that can help even the playing field between SOCs and their adversaries.

From Our Partner | National CyberSecurity Alliance (NCSA)
The technology landscape is rapidly changing and is forging a new era in privacy. Privacy leaders with diverse perspectives will explain opportunities and challenges for the privacy road ahead. 

Join NCSA for the official Data Privacy Day event, "A New Era in Privacy" for an afternoon of engaging panels and discussions with leading privacy experts.
From the Experts Corner

Cybersecurity In 2019: Will It Be The ‘Tipping Point’?

Randy Bagwell interviews Ian Corey and Doug DePeppe of eosedge Legal about their view of 2019 as a “tipping point,” based on Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas in The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, for behavioral change and enforcement of data protection duties based upon events and laws that emerged in 2018.

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