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“Marley was dead: to begin with.” 

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Marley was dead, yes, and yet this how one of the most inspiring stories of all time started in Charles Dickens head.
That opening line made me think that something else (amongst many others) might be dead, and yet rise from its ashes, phoenix-like stronger, than before. This is the reason why I am introducing this newsletter with this quote:

Privacy is dead.
Long live to privacy!

I agree that this might be a long story to be told in a separate article (eventually), but I do believe that this lastest Unusual Gathering Podcast might inspire you to think what I thought right after I switched off my microphone.

Do not be afraid to think. Go ahead, listen to it and then dive in other ITSPmagazine inspiring and thought-provoking content from this past week.

Our guests on this Unusual Gathering Episode where: Jason Elrod | M.K. Palmore | Thom Langford

The link to the podcast is below, just keep scrolling, and I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

As usual, stay tuned, enjoy all this week content, share it, and be merry!
It is all gonna be fine, as long as we bring some cybersecurity spirit this Holiday Season; and long after that too.

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Unusual Gathering | Episode XII

Conversations At The Intersection Of IT Security And Society

Jason Elrod | M.K. Palmore | Thom Langford

Marco Ciappelli | Sean Martin

Here’s What We Covered — 🎄There’s More to Santa’s Nice and Naughty List Than You Know 🎅

What value do we put on privacy and how does that compare to the value legitimate businesses and cybercriminals put on the same information?

What types of information are we giving up as consumers and how does that collective data set impact our future?

You are about to buy that connected gift for that friend, family member, or loved one. Have you paused to think about the privacy implications it will have on the recipient(s)?

When history has a story to tell — even though it may seem a little dark to hear it during the holidays — we should probably listen.

Thanks to our episode sponsor, IOActive 🙏



Three guests join Sean Martin on today’s episode: Tanya Janca (Microsoft), Nicole Becher (NYU/NY-DFS), and Franziska Bühler (Swiss Post). While they are all hailing from different parts of the world, they come together (virtually) on a regular basis, focusing on helping engineering, operations and security teams establish a culture of business-driven security throughout the organization.

By Sean Martin

In today’s conversation, Candy Alexander from ISSA International and Jon Oltsik from ESG share how important their 3rd annual global survey on the life and times of cybersecurity professionals is to the InfoSec community, who should get involved, and how the coming findings can help the community help each other to make for a better experience as we all fight the good InfoSec fight.


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