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Ralph's Report

Since our last newsletter and the photobook talk in November 2014, the Region has run two collaborative book projects organised by Stewart Wall ARPS. On February 25, twelve photographers visited Sheffield’s  “Streets in The Sky” flats at Park Hill.

The project resulted in a well received 300-page book which has been ordered by almost 200 people from all over the world, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, America, Finland and China



It has been featured in a six page article in F2 Photographer Magazine and also in The RPS Journal.
Half a dozen of us then attended the 2015 Milk Race and created Book number 2, which is currently being printed. News of event 3 will be released shortly, watch out for it if you are interested in joing in.
You can see more about the Park Hill Project on its website. 

Click here to see the Park Hill Project online

At the region's AGM Stewart Wall was voted in as my deputy. He is working on next year's meeting, now is the time to let us know what events you would like to see.

He is also looking at the potential of smaller sub meetings around the region – more of that later in this newsletter. 

I am  running an informal meet on Thursday, September 17 at the Nottingham Contemporary from 10.30am-12.30pm if anyone wants to pop in and have an informal chat about photography, The RPS and our region. Meet in The Café. If you want to let me know you are attending you are welcome.

Ralph Bennett ARPS
  Regional organiser  email :

Coffee Meeting

17th September 2015

Informal Talk with The Regional Organiser

Venue : Nottingham Contemporary

Weekday Cross Nottingham NG1 2GB

On Thursday, 17 September, Regional Organiser, Ralph Bennett will be at the Nottingham Contemporary in the Cafe Bar from 10.30am-12.30pm if anyone wants to pop in and have an informal chat about pictures, The RPS, Distinctions, what you would like to see your region doing or anything else you would like to chat about.

Exhibition Visit

This is a unique opportunity to see an important body of work by one of the most widely recognised photographers working with the post war stars of cinema as the height of their popularity. This is a private 'out of hours' visit accompanied by a talk from Linda Marchant, a leading authority on the work of Cornel Lucas
Cornel Lucas Collection
26 August 2015 17:30 - 19:30
The Gallery, Munro House
York Street/Duke Street
Leeds, LS9 8AG

Click here to book to go on this event

Advisory Day

20th September 2015

Park Inn by Raddisson, Nottingham

East Midlands Advisory Day 


Nature & Visual Arts

(both sections)

Distinctions Advisory Day  Sunday 20 September  (Prints Only)

LRPS (no subject sections)

ARPS  Visual Art Pictorial and Creative, and Nature,

All sections are subject to a minimum of four persons showing work.

This is your chance to see the standards required for Distinctions and to receive advice on your work. 

This event is open to all whether a member or not advice can also be sought if you are not a member as well.

Prints only but they do not have to mounted or finished size work in progress is fine so long as you have a view on your panel.  We recommend you bring along the work you expect to use in a panel along with some other prints (8 maximum) for consideration.

The panel advisors are

LRPS,        Peter Yeo

ARPS   Visual Pictorial and Creative       Andy Wilson 

ARPS    Nature TBA

Future Events

Click on the image below to go to the RPS website if you would like to book for this excellent looking day

Regional Meetings

Number 3 on the Graphic is The East Midlands 

Region, one of the largest regions of The RPS.

One of the difficulties we face is where to hold meetings.

Attending meetings is possibly one of the best aspects of The RPS.

To make it easier for our members to attend meetings we are looking at arranging meetings in different parts of the Region as well as in Nottingham.

If you can think of a suitable venue near you please email Stewart at

Region's Website

We have our own Gallery Pages on The RPS Website. There is no charge to upload your portfolio to the site and the SEO is excellent.

You can find the gallery pages by

1) Going to

2) Clicking on Regions and Chapters

3) Choose East Midlands

4) Choose Galleries

You upload your images via My RPS
If you need any help let us know

Fellowship Advisory Day Report

The region recently ran a fellowship advisory day.

The RPS Distinctions team sent Ray Spence and his encyclopaedic knowledge of photography/art along to  advise on the panels.One of the panels was put forward by Andre Du Plessis who has gone on to gain his Fellowship.
Andre’s panel was a series of portraits of families living in the communities and townships along the Tzitzikama coast and immediate interiors, also known as the ‘Garden Route’ in South Africa.Andre knocked on the doors of  his subjects, gained their trust and took his images, returning later in the year with free prints.
see Andre's images by clicking here

What would you like to see?

Next Year’s Events

We are currently looking at suggestions for next years events (2016/17)

If you have any ideas or would like to see

something added to the event diary

Please drop an email to

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