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The December Full Moon is the Cold Moon!
Cold Moon info from The Farmer's Almanac:
"December’s full Moon is most commonly known as the Cold Moon—a Mohawk name that conveys the frigid conditions of this time of year, when cold weather truly begins to grip us.

Other names that allude to the cold and snow include Drift Clearing Moon (Cree), Frost Exploding Trees Moon (Cree), Moon of the Popping Trees (Oglala), Hoar Frost Moon (Cree), Snow Moon (Haida, Cherokee), and Winter Maker Moon (Western Abenaki)."

Welcome To The NurseGrown Newsletter!

What a year it has been! 2020 - Year of the Nurse - well, that is saying something, huh?! Whether the pandemic, the much needed racial equity movement, or the presidential election, we all may have been needing a bit more cannabis this past year! Here at NurseGrown, we are honored to have you be a part of it all.

Having been open for just over a year for retail sales with NurseGrown products, we have learned, laughed, cried and celebrated many successes, failures and all the in between. Being long time cannabis growers and advocates, we are thrilled to share the ups and downs along the way with all of you. We will continue to do all we can to ensure the cleanest, safest, and most affordable cannabis, from our organically grown and processed hemp and CBD, to the Vermont medical and recreational cannabis markets.  

This past year, I am thrilled to personally say I continue to push my own boundaries by becoming as politically active as I possibly can! As Vice President of the Vermont Nurses Association, Founder and newly elected President of the Vermont Cannabis Nurses, and as a new Board of Directors for the American Cannabis Nurse Association, I wholeheartedly promise to do everything I can to advance cannabis therapeutics, education, and accessibility!  Stay tuned to see some big and exciting changes and programs we have coming in 2021!

As always, please let me know how I can help you and be of service!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and an abundance of health, hope and joy in the coming year!

Cheers to you all,

Jessilyn Dolan, RN, CMT, CLD
Co-founder, NurseGrown Organics
Founder and President, Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association 
Board of Directors, American Cannabis Nurses Association
Vice President, American Nurses Association, Vermont

Farm News

It's that time of year!  We are patiently awaiting hemp seed sales to go online as of the new year! We carefully choose our seeds from only reputable breeders who have compliant certificates of analysis (COA).

We continue to be enthusiastic about Oregon CBD Genetics, Oregon's oldest federally-legal cannabis research and development company. You can read more about them, and the cultivars we grew this past season, (possibly a glimpse of this coming years choices?) on our blog.

New at NurseGrown!

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Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association News

In 2021, VTCNA will be holding monthly virtual meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7pm. Be sure to follow VTCNA on Facebook for updates. 

VTCNA now has elected officials! As founder and President of VTCNA, I would like to welcome Vice President Susan Trombley, Secretary Karen Robin Clyman, and Treasurer Vanessa Peck.

Thank you for your service, nurses!

Consumer Testimonial
DIY Kit-Do it Yourself!

I loved being able to make my own medicine with the DIY kit. High quality product and so much fun!
- HigherLivingRN, NY

The mini (pictured here) and the full size DIY Kits are on sale, HALF OFF, December 30 & 31!
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Cannabis Nurse’s Favorite
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 1500mg

"My update on the oil! It’s amazing and is really getting my pain under control. Now, I do double up on my dose some days, but I get such relief, I go a day maybe two without having to dose. I continue to do so to avoid breakthrough pain. Thank you NurseGrown!"

- Nurse Shonda Broom

Medical Marijuana in Vermont

As the darkest part of winter transforms with the solstice, the indoor gardens remain bright, warm and full of super terpene laden ripening flowers. This December Cold Full Moon, Apex, a cross of Mandarin Cookies and Lilac Diesel Bx3 by Ethos is ready for harvest.

Apex is a wildly vigorous plant in the vegetative stage with strong yet flexible stems for easy training or scrogging. She has medium to long internodes that give big yields of large dense flower clusters covered in heavy trichomes. There are 2 distinct phenotypes one can expect from Apex, with the first having a more grapefruit-orange fuel profile and heavier hitting “high.” The second phenotype is a much sweeter, candied lemon with a more sativa leaning or uplifting “high.”

Spending the holidays glued to my little scope (jewelers loupe!), watching the trichome heads fill and change from clear to milky and then some amber, preferably harvesting my plants with about 10% amber trichomes. Stretched out to about 24sq ft, I expect to easily break a pound per plant of this beautiful flower, as I have with a fruitful Golden Lemons harvest this year. I can’t wait until we can share more of this beautiful plant with you all as Vermont begins to allow cannabis sales in the years to come!

Cannabis Nurse Wellness Tip
Cannabis and Meditation

Swami Chaitanya shares some tips on cannabis and meditation.

To start “May this space be safe and pure for meditation and devotion.” 

"In the beginning, your mind is just jumping here, jumping there, like a wild monkey. How do you get the monkey mind to stop jumping here and everywhere? [Cannabis] can help you focus and get deeper." 

“You want to make sure your source of cannabis is pure and grown with high intention,” Swami says. 

"For our brains, it's difficult to go directly to the divine, the abstract, the formless, so we use intermediate forms to focus. After a while, it gets you to a place where you’re just not having those random thoughts anymore.”

“The only bad meditation is the one you don’t do.” 

“Every act has the potential to be a sacred act. It has to do with your mental state, and the state of your intention.”

“That’s the thing with meditation, you can only talk about it up to a certain level of intensity and then the words just don’t really express it much anymore. So, you just have to be there and be in it.”

- Dionne Heyliger, BSN, RN
Cannabis Nurse Consultations

"I just wanted to share with NurseGrown the impact you’re making in this world with your products. One of my good friends back in Jersey has a child who has ASD, OCD, Tourette’s, and bad anxiety. He’s been on 11 different medications over the years and nothing has worked. She was using CBD from another company, also not working. When she found out what I was doing, she contacted me. I looked over the product she was using and told her to stop right away, that it was no good. She said it was never really working for him. 

I was looking over your full panel lab reports (so much more than  most companies provide, thank you!) and truly felt that your high level and quality of product, combined with this particular terpene profile, was going to be very effective for him. She texted me saying that after only three days on the oil, he is less angry, with cooperative behavior. He just sat down and wrote an essay with no tears, and gave her a hug, the strongest she has ever felt from him (which she says he never does bc it makes him feel uncomfortable). She is feeling so hopeful right now. He just came up to her telling her that is feeling less angry. 

This is amazing! Your products are amazing! You should be really proud that you do this for so many out there! Thank you for your company and you being you!"

Cannabis Nurse Herbal Tip

As the holidays are upon us, the NurseGrown family likes to make food our medicine.  One of my families favorite go to's is garlic.  Garlic has antimicrobial properties and stimulates the immune system.  And it tastes delicious!! 
Here are a few ways we incorporate garlic into our winter lifestyle. 

Use a garlic press or mince finely and add a few cloves of garlic to some fresh goat cheese (chevre). Add in olive oil, salt and pepper and mix together with a fork. This is time where you can add in fresh thyme, oregano, rosemary or sage for additional herbal support. Spread on your favorite bread, top your salad or eat as a side all by itself. This dish doesn't even last an hour in our home!

Homemade Caesar salad dressing: In a food processor, throw in 5 cloves of garlic, the juice of one lemon, one anchovy filet, tablespoon of mayonnaise, dash of salt and pepper. After blending these and while food processor is spinning, slowly drizzle in olive oil or an infused cannabis oil to spice it up some! You want a slow and steady pour to emulsify (mix) the oil and juice. Add oil until dressing is the consistency you prefer.  We use this on kale for a dark leafy green salad.  

If someone is sick or getting a stuffy nose, make a small bowl of minced/pressed garlic covered with olive oil.  Add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a bit of salt. Eat by the spoonful or on top of your favorite bread! Enjoy!

Heather Shelton, BSN, RN

A Team NurseGrown Welcome!

Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP is the owner and founder of Azalla Wellness, LLC, and a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Since late 2017 Caitlin has worked as a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner throughout Massachusetts, providing education, consultation, and certifications for Cannabis patients. She has creates and presents material for informational events and workshops throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and ACNA.

Caitlin joyfully came to work with cannabis medicine to escape the brutal reality of modern health care: a broken system driven by pharmaceutical and insurance interests, overpriced services, and fear of litigation—a healthcare system that profits from illness and ignorance of preventative health and wellness.

One of the many reasons she loves working with Cannabis medicine is that the very process of learning to medicate with this plant is empowering. Caitlin believes working with cannabis allows people to take their health into their own hands and opens the door to connection with plant medicine and wellness.

Taylor Hayes. MSN, RN is a registered nurse, health coach, and psychiatric nurse practitioner student with years of experience providing inpatient psychiatric care across the lifespan. 

Taylor has completed coursework at the Ayahuasca Foundation's Riosbo Research Center in the Amazon Rainforest near Iquitos, Peru and has completed advanced shamanic training through Blue Morpho, also located in Peru. She is founder of the non-profit organization the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing.

She is also creating Hope Network Health. Hope Network Health is a healthcare system where participants receive the opportunity to work with psychedelic medicines administered by experienced healthcare professionals in a safe, legal setting. She is an active member within the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurse Network.

She works as the "Mushroom Queen" at Fungi Farm in Dadeville, Alabama. Taylor is also a yoga teacher and children's jiu jitsu instructor. Taylor advocates for the development of a medical cannabis program in Alabama, her home state. Her website is

Botanical News

International Association of Psychedelic Nursing is now offering an interactive map of Regional Representatives to help patients find their local nurse representative!

NurseGrown Affiliates IAPN representatives:

  • Jessilyn Dolan, Vermont
  • Lisa Powers, New Hampshire
  • C.J. Spotswood, Maine
  • Jessie Gill, New Jersey
  • Heather Shelton, Oregon
  • Jamie Rollins, Florida
  • April Hatch, Missouri
  • Taylor Hayes, FOUNDER of IAPN-Alabama
Cannabis Nurse Laugh
-April Goswick Hatch, MPH, RN

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