It's the time of year to dream in flowers.
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Spring Blooms
December is time for reflection over the past year, coupled with the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming growing season. The first flats of seedlings will be started this week and will continue through June. Orders are finalized, website work begins, planting maps are charted out and grow lists checked and triple checked. Winter projects such as new shelving in the cellar for cool loving seedlings are started. Tools, tractors and tillers are tucked to bed after the final loads of compost are spread and tilled in.

It amazes me that even while we're working hard on fall clean up, trying to beat the weather, the excitement over next year's blooms is so incredibly high! It seems I never get too burnt out to become excessively excited about new flowers. Getting ready for the next season while finishing up the last is a challenge and dreaming of the flowers to come sure helps! [Read more….]

Our 2018 Price List has been published. In anticipation of a fabulous peony crop this season, we’ve lowered the price on our peonies. Unless a disaster strikes (such as very hard late freezes) the price will remain through this season.

I’ve also added a new link on the website called “Flowers by the Month”. It still needs a bit of editing, but I hope you’ll find it useful.

We’ll be sending emails out January 2nd to our couples who have filled out our Date Request Form for 2018 wedding flowers to confirm. If you don’t hear from us, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get you scheduled in!

I’ve updated our Florist and Floral Designer page. (If your name is missing or your info has changed, please let me know!) We are so blessed to work with some of the most talented designers in the business.

I wish to thank all our fabulous customers for another great season. We do have the greatest clientele. Flowers just bring out the best people, and the best in people!

I hope everyone is enjoying the bustle of the Christmas and Holiday Season!


Printable Price List ~ Prices change throughout the season, but not dramatically. This list will help you to plan your floral budget.

What Blooms When ~ This is a printable PDF of tentative bloom times for most of the flowers we grow. Please be aware that many things determine bloom times and you should always contact us in advance, as this is by no means a guarantee of what will be in bloom.

Florist and Floral Designers ~ For those who don't wish to D.Y.I., this is a list of extremely talented florists and floral designers who work with our flowers. You are also free to use your own florist or floral designer.

Until next newsletter, take care and God bless ~ Michigan Flower Farm

Dahlia tubers - digging and washing for storage until spring.
Finishing up for fall - compost going down.

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Some of the last blooms of the season.
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