Welcome to the 2016 Flower Season!

For a list of what's blooming, please see our "Available Now" link. Soon to bloom flowers can be found at our "Coming Soon" link.

The dahlias are coming! Available in many sizes and colors, they are one of our most popular flowers.

New plants are always fun. I am exceptionally pleased with our addition of David Austin roses this season. We look forward to many blooms in 2017.

The sweet peas have been stunning. My dear neighbor and his friend take bouquets of them up to the nursing home to brighten the days of the residents.

Our self-serve Flower Cart is open 24 hours a day!

The sunflowers are coming in beautifully.


Dara - a very nice filler flower.

Michigan Flower Farm Newsletter

     It's been an extremely abundant, exciting and challenging season so far!
     Farming is such a great, never ending, learning process. The peonies continue to thrill me. I have always said "No, no, no, we won't have peonies in July", but I am rethinking that! [
     Drumroll......we harvested our fist dahlias on July 7th and hope to have a nice full bloom in the next week or so.
     The first planting of sunflowers is also in full bloom. We should have a continuous supply now until fall - unless someone (that would be me) messes up the planting schedule.
     The season has been unseasonably hot and dry. I am so thankful for the rain we got the past couple of days, and the more reasonable temperatures today. We can sure use this break! Despite the dry conditions, the flowers are extremely happy and productive. It seems we humans were the ones who were a little wilted last week!
     Another challenge this season has been voles. We always have a bit of trouble, but their population has exploded this season. Messina Wildlife has come through again, and we are testing their Mole and Vole Stopper. I am quite confident we will be as happy with it as we are their deer repellent. If you have critter problems, please visit their
website. They are an outstanding company, providing safe and pleasant to use products. I can't sing their praises often enough.
     If you'd like to order bunches of flowers and are flexible with your pick up days/times, we can possibly supply them for you. Please remember we cut our scheduled wedding and event flowers first and sometimes we can't supply everything listed.

Our flower cart is now open – beautiful, naturally gown bouquets are just $10.00, or $12.00 with the vase.


  Some of our dates are already fully booked for wedding flowers, but we do still have openings, especially if you're flexible in your flower choices. Please contact us if you're interested in scheduling your wedding flowers with us.

Wedding and Event Flowers ~ Please see this page for information on ordering wedding and event flowers.

Printable Price List ~ Prices change throughout the season, but not dramatically. This list will help you to plan your floral budget.

What Blooms When ~ This is a printable PDF of tentative bloom times for most of the flowers we grow. Please be aware that many things determine bloom times and you should always contact us in advance, as this is by no means a guarantee of what will be in bloom.

Florist and Floral Designers ~ For those who don't wish to D.Y.I., this is a list of florists and floral designers who work with our flowers. You are also free to use your own florist or floral designer.


Until next newsletter, take care and God bless ~ Michigan Flower Farm

Carmen harvest buckets of sweet peas.
Lace Flower -Orlaya

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With the dry conditions we have more visitors. This poor little girl was just looking for food and water and got herself in a bind.

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