Happy 2019!

Mock Orange - the sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Locally grown spring flowers are some of the most highly scented flowers available.

The sense of smell also evokes emotion.

Lavender can help combat insomnia, calm and balance the mind, and reduce irritability in adults, children and animals.
Lilac often stirs childhood memories.
Scented Spring Blooms - daffodils and grape hyacinth.

Michigan Flower Farm Newsletter Garden Roses

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of my cousin, Steven Graye, who passed away suddenly on New Year's Eve. Steven, I know that  heaven will be blessed with your presence, your beautiful gardens, your generosity and kind spirit, but we sure do miss you here.
A New Year of course brings excitement and anticipation of the year to come. It’s a time for goals, plans and dreams. Burnout is replaced with the anticipation of spring and the flowers to come. There is nothing like the scent or beauty of spring flowers. What better time to  reminisce the fragrance of spring than the long days of winter?

I’ve been quiet for several months, running hard for too many hours for just a bit too long. One New Year’s resolution is to keep up better with our social media. I don’t believe I’ll ever do Facebook well (if at all), but I do love Instagram and miss taking the time to see what all our wonderful, talented, customers have been up to!

Seed starting begins very soon - it got delayed a bit this year. Our grow list is complete except for all the things that grab our hearts from catalogs as the winter continues on.

The days are finally getting longer and the chickweed is growing. A little scary fact is that the brodiaea are popping up, the lilacs are leafing out, and the peonies are already showing their first sprouts. I am going to refrain from commenting on or cussing the weather – a resolution that will, no doubt, go south very soon. (0:

We will be hiring help for next season. Hard work, flexible hours. We need conscientious people willing to work and learn. A farming background is helpful but not mandatory with a good work ethic. If you’re interested, please contact us. Please do not attach any files with your initial contact - a brief bio and a paragraph or so on why you'd like to work on a flower farm is great for initial contact. Thank you.

After some computer woes, we are finally back up and confirming  our weddings for 2019. If you haven't heard from us, my apologies - we have lost some information in the transfer. Please contact us again.

I wish you all happiness, health and prosperity this coming year. And special congratulations to all our newly engaged couples!

Our Flower Cart is now closed for the season. Thank you for a fabulous year.

 Wedding and Event Information can be found here. Thanks!

Printable Price List ~ Prices change throughout the season, but not dramatically. This list will help you to plan your floral budget.

What Blooms When ~ This is a printable PDF of tentative bloom times for most of the flowers we grow. Please be aware that many things determine bloom times and you should always contact us in advance, as this is by no means a guarantee of what will be in bloom.

Florist and Floral Designers ~ For those who don't wish to D.Y.I., this is a list of extremely talented florists and floral designers who work with our flowers. You are also free to use your own florist or floral designer.

Until next newsletter, take care and God bless ~ Michigan Flower Farm

Garden Roses have a variety of scents sometimes labeled as fine wine would be.

Charlie's olfactory system is pretty darn good, but the scents he loves best are sometimes questionable.

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Privet in bloom has a fabulous scent.
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