Happy Spring Solstice!

Charlie is super excited for spring and to see all his friends again! He's so tired of his boring 'ol mom.

Keep the faith! Soon. Very, very soon.

Rumor has it (thank you Carmen!) tulips are popping up to the south of us!

Babies, babies everywhere. These are lisianthus seedlings. They'll get planted out as soon as the weather allows.

Excited to see some blooms and color soon! I so miss color out there.

Preview of our new work area in the studio.

Michigan Flower Farm Newsletter

A Larry Thomas original titled "Donna's Garden" I would love a trip up those steps right now!
Even though it’s still a bit cold and snowy here (March can be so downright rude some years), the days are longer, the nights are shorter, and signs of spring are everywhere!

As many of you know, my Grandfather called me every year on the Spring Solstice with words of encouragement. This year I want to pass them on to everyone getting a bit tired of dreary old winter – “It’s all downhill now, kid!” – downhill in a good way, meaning our uphill battle with winter is almost over. Happy Spring to everyone!

Our seedlings are happy and add to the belief that spring does truly always come. With the snow on the ground, it's hard to believe (weather permitting) we’ll be planting out in another month!

Winter is always such a busy time getting ready for the following season. A lot of people mistakenly think farmers hang out by the fire or vacation all winter, but in reality there’s very little time for boredom. Although the days are shorter and most times more restful, everything that gets put off all growing season needs to be caught up on, on top of getting ready for the upcoming season.

There are some very exciting things happening this coming season. Over the winter I have reclaimed and remodeled half of my studio. We intend to open at least one morning a week to floral designers. Although the farm itself will not be open, this will give florists and designers a chance to purchase flowers without an appointment. More info to come as I pull the details together. Please let me know your thoughts! email

This season we’ve also decided to bite the bullet, jump into this century, and... accept credit cards!  I know this convenience will thrill many of you.

More very exciting news! For the first time ever, local artist Larry Thomas will be offering his stunning floral and landscape paintings for sale at Michigan Flower Farm. We are honored and excited for the opportunity to display his original artwork.

I look forward to seeing all our wonderful customers again soon, but no one misses you all more than Charlie! He is so tired of mom’s company...

Just a little bit of fun - March 17th we had equal hours of daylight and darkness. Today we have more light than dark. A true turning point!
To our wedding couples- Please don't forget to schedule your wedding date as early as possible. We've still got some openings through the season, but are filling up fast. Wedding and Event Information can be found here. Thanks!

Printable Price List ~ Prices change throughout the season, but not dramatically. This list will help you to plan your floral budget.

What Blooms When ~ This is a printable PDF of tentative bloom times for most of the flowers we grow. Please be aware that many things determine bloom times and you should always contact us in advance, as this is by no means a guarantee of what will be in bloom.

Florist and Floral Designers ~ For those who don't wish to D.Y.I., this is a list of extremely talented florists and floral designers who work with our flowers. You are also free to use your own florist or floral designer.

Until next newsletter, take care and God bless ~ Michigan Flower Farm

Our display wall in the new studio is coming along! A few touch ups and, of course, flowers!

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A nice "end of winter" quote to brighten your day:
" I was in darkness, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise. The first step was a good thought, the second, a good word; and the third, a good deed." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
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