Thank you all for another wonderful season!

Some flowers are still in bloom. As the season comes to a close, we are planning for spring.

The catalogs entice us with so many beautiful varieties.

We are so in love with our garden roses, we've added several more to our grow list this season.

This bright iridescent sea holly was a big hit this season.

A mix of colorful pom dahlias.

White and burgundy dahlias were very popular colors this year, along with the soft blush pink of the Cafe au Lait. We've added a few hundred more of these colors to our dahlia grow list.


We hope to see the first hellaborus blooms in just a few short months!

Greenland TulipMichigan Flower Farm Newsletter

We prepare for winter, and dream of spring, as another season comes to a close.

I know I've been quiet this season - it seems we've just never slowed down until now. I am somewhat enjoying these shorter days to catch a breath!

I am so very grateful to all our fabulous customers for making this another great season.

To our growing self-serve flower cart regulars, a big note of gratitude! Although I don’t know many of you, you bring so many smiles to me with your kind notes left in the box. You’ve kept me running this season trying to keep our little cart stocked! Thank you!

A special thank you to our brides, floral designers, florists, fellow flower farmers and wholesalers. We are just so blessed to have such fabulous customers! Thank you for your kind words, the sharing of your photos, your goodness. We have the absolute best customers anyone could ever hope for! And I am proud we meet your expectations.

Onward to the 2017 growing season! Our seed, plant, bulb and tuber orders have been placed. New varieties to try have been determined- although I do always seem to add more as the winter months progress. The darker the days, the more those lovely seed and plant catalogs take control over one’s mind!

For early season flowers, we’ve expanded our tulip varieties to include some late April/early May blooming peony tulips and some lovely late “green” tulips, along with our giant hybrids. We are also giving a try at brodiaea and spring blooming anemones. Both will depend a lot on the winter weather here and getting the brodiaea tucked in safely for the winter.

I am hoping we will see our very first helleborus blooms this spring. Sometimes we sure need to re-learn patience- they’ve been a long time coming!

We’ve expanded our flowering shrubs and although they won’t give us much back for 3-5 years, I am still very excited! We’ve ordered flower almond and quince, Kierra, Carolina allspice, Salal (leamonleaf) and additional mock orange.

If you’d like to see some of our new varieties for 2017, please visit our blog post here.

The 2017 wedding season is quickly approaching. Our Wedding and Event Page is here. We won’t start accepting deposits for our 2017 weddings until after the first of the year, but we can pencil you in for now. We will update all our information prior to accepting deposits on the first of the year - our price list, grow list, etc. As always, please schedule your event early to avoid disappointment. We are already tentatively booked for some weeks.


 Wedding and Event Flowers ~ Please see this page for information on ordering wedding and event flowers.

Printable Price List ~ Prices change throughout the season, but not dramatically. This list will help you to plan your floral budget.

What Blooms When ~ This is a printable PDF of tentative bloom times for most of the flowers we grow. Please be aware that many things determine bloom times and you should always contact us in advance, as this is by no means a guarantee of what will be in bloom.

Florist and Floral Designers ~ For those who don't wish to D.Y.I., this is a list of florists and floral designers who work with our flowers. You are also free to use your own florist or floral designer.

Until next newsletter, take care and God bless ~ Michigan Flower Farm


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