1  Easy Solution to 4 Common Tree Problems, Watering Tips
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How to Grow and Care for Your 250 + Year Old Tree, Part 4 & 5 of 5


by Rachel and Odis Sisk

The 1 Affordable and Easy Solution to 4 Common Tree Damage Problems

Tree damage, though usually unintentional, creates wound openings for insects, disease, and fungus to enter the tree.

Frequent Offenders:

Lawn Mowers
- often shear off tree roots and compact soil
Foot and Vehicle Traffic - repeatedly compacts root system
Weed Eaters - trim grass away from trunk leading to potential trunk lacerations
Drought/Lack of Watering - witholds valuable resources from the tree

Simple Solution

Put out mulch to create a safety zone protecting and nourishing trunk, roots, and branches.  Mulch helps with compaction issues, and should extend out from the trunk to at least the drip line of the tree's canopy.

By placing mulch around your tree, there is no longer a need to mow or weed eat underneath, eliminating damage, and increasing water retention.


Mulch Exposed Roots
Exposed roots need to be covered with mulch

5 Watering Tips for Maximum Efficiency

  • Spread mulch at least to the drip line - the furthest point of the canopy
  • Water on top of mulch to decrease water run off and evaporation
  • Water less frequently - Water longer to a deeper depth, less times
  • Get a moisture meter - easily found at home improvement stores. (Pictured below)
  • If possible, use a drip hose instead of spray irrigation. Drips from spraying nozzles cause compaction.

Moisture Meter

Learn all about mulch in our last newsletter, Winter Edition 2013.

Sign up for our mulch waiting list.  When we have extra available, we will drop off a free load of arborist grade mulch when we’re working in your area.  Email or click below to sign up.

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Evidence of improper tree care found this month:
Wounds the tree and your pride - rip cuts by landscapers.  Make sure to hire certified arborists using non invasive climbing techniques for pruning work.
The Azalea on the right was pruned too late.  Pruning should occur right after blooming in order to keep buds that will bloom next year.
Killing grass with an herbicide to retain an even border around trees is detrimental to tree health.  Trees are plants too!

Let proper mulching do the work for you.
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