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We sent 1 (yes, one) newsletter in 2019, back in January announcing our new website. So, this is what we have been up to: We focused on blogging and making our clients happy.
And now we are relaunching our newsletter. It is structured into two sections:
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🧠 Hand-Picked Content
The WeWork startup story (Podcast 25min)
I have closely followed the story, not a day without news about WeWork in my feeds.
This edition of the New York Times Daily podcast is a great summary of what happened so far in the WeWork drama.
How did founder Adam Neumann convince investors to fund his company with billions, what went wrong and why can he walk away from the company in turmoil with hundreds of millions of dollars, while 4thousand people get laid off? A fascinating look into all this provided by the NYTimes. More

Interview with Jeff Bezos (YouTube, 6min)
An interview with Jeff Bezos from 1997. He founded Amazon in 1994.
How did he come up with the idea for Amazon? He worked for a hedge fund and came across a startling statistic about the growth of the web, and after that created a list of products that could be shipped easily.
Not a romantic story about a book lover turned web entrepreneur. More

Influencer: Gaming Clan Faze (Article, 10min)
This is the story about a gaming clan called Faze. A portrait about gaming nerds that are now influencers chased by companies to promote all sorts of products, but also to create stunning content.
I think we will see much more of these "influencer-collectives" in the coming years. It's individual influencers not only teaming up but living together. The perfect place for all this is Los Angeles, of course. More

Bonus on the topic: To get an apartment in this complex you need to have thousands of followers. "Inside the Hollywood Home of Social Media’s Stars". More

Uberplex (Book, 400 pages)
I just finished reading the book "Super Pumped the Battle for Uber" and I can recommend it if you are interested in how Silicon Valley works and which methods Uber applied to grow so fast. It reads more like a crime novel at times.  More

B2B Website design (Article, 14min)
This article is a great resource with lots of statistics, data, things to consider when working on the design of a B2B website. More

Group chat problems (Article, 10min)
Ever felt that Slack, Microsoft Teams, and all the other enterprise chat tools make you more busy, but not more productive? If you start a new project and someone says "let us create a Slack channel for that" think twice. Read with care, the blog is of course written by a company called Basecamp that has a competing product (core component is not a chat). "The 17 negatives of chat" (I agree to lots of the points raised) More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services
This section of the newsletter is also available as a blog post with additional commentary and screenshots.

1) Simple event management app
Are you organizing a small event and Facebook events is no option. You do not need a full-fledged event management software, instead of just a link to send around where people can RSVP?
Mixily might be the service you were looking for. I registered recently for an event using this service and that got me interested in taking a detailed look.

The web service claims that all event details can be edited on one page. That’s a good way to communicate simplicity. I signed up and created an event within 5 minutes (while riding the subway).

2) Open your calendar for scheduling via your website

Do you want to offer booking office hours via your website? You could provide a booking form with a time & date picker, or show the open slots from your calendar on your website. The second option is more elegant.

Calendly is a service that connects to your Outlook or Google calendar and allows embedding of the free hours on your website.

3) Increase your email productivity with email templates (Gmail)

There is no shortage of services that promise to improve your email productivity. Rightinbox is a service that connects to your Gmail account and adds features that especially appeal to marketers or salespeople doing lots of outreach via email. The tool adds features for recurring emails, templates, different signatures, a send later option, and more.

4) Project management tool

Are you on the lookout for a new project management tool? Basecamp is a well-known and popular solution. You can now start fiddling around with their product by signing up for their completely free personal plan, that was announced earlier this week.

5) Get paid as a blogger
WordPress launched a recurring payment feature. Bloggers that use the Jetpack plugin and blog on can use the new feature. More

6) No Code website design
Webflow is very popular right now, the web design app is in the no-code hype cycle but it’s actually a very advanced WYSIWYG design tool. I have used it for about 20 hours to get a feel for it and have to say I like it. That’s my verdict after only knowing 5% of what can be done using this app.

To see what you can create with Webflow a designer re-created the Apple AirPod Pro website. Check the original page on Then head over to the Webflow version.

7) How good are you at drawing circles?
This website tells you! My best score: 93.2% (on mobile).
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