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A TikTok Rival Backed By Snoop Dog (Article, 3min)
It's called Triller and some TikTok "influencers" try to move their followers to this new app. Officially because of privacy concerns, but I imagine there is some money involved that helps to convince those influencers to change platforms. More

Dear Slack, Stop Trying To Kill Email (Blog, 5min)
I appreciate Slack (or any of the other team chat products) for quickly fetching out things, live collaboration, etc. but these chat tools are also constantly distracting from actual work. Check the comments section of this post, where users discuss this back and forth. More

Do Not Disturb Mode On (Article, 5min)
There is a new book by Cal Newport (you know him from his NYTimes best-selling book "Deep Work"). It's called "Digital Minimalism" and it's well summarized in this blog post. More

Google Needs Serious Competition (Article, 7min)
"41% of the first page of Google search results is taken up by Google products". An analysis of 15,000 recent popular queries. More

Tips On Writing A Memo (Blog, 5min)
Remember the "PowerPoint ban" Jeff Bezos made at Amazon? This post reminds us why he did that and talks about the benefits of writing a memo compared to just brainstorming in a group. More
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WordPress Plugin For Web Creators
Are you building Websites with WordPress? Check out the GenerateBlocks plugin that adds basic page builder functionality to your site. More

Declutter The Gmail User Interface
The guy who worked on Google Inbox released a browser extension that declutters the Gmail user interface. More

Buy Me A Coffee As A Service
You read this phrase a lot these days on websites of independent content creators: "Buy me a coffee". ko-fi is a service specializing on that matter. More

Which Fonts To Pair?
As a marketer, I know, it‘s often hard to figure out which fonts fit together. This site helps you to choose a fitting font pair for your next project. More

Social Media Publishing Tool
Socialchief can be your Buffer or Hootsuite alternative. Free plan available, supports Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. More
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Fresh Homepage
Our refreshed homepage is live. It focuses on this newsletter as the main item. Thanks to Berith and Andreas for providing such great feedback and allowing me to show it on the site. More
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IKEA in 1985 
Found this in the attic, actually, my girlfriend did. More
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