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Hey, welcome to edition #12 of our newsletter for curious digital-marketing nerds, content creators, and entrepreneurs with a hands-on mentality.
Tool and content curation as a service, that's the mission. Expect stuff about social media, design, marketing, and tech. The goal is to give you something to think about or point you to a new tool/app that you want to check out. Stay fresh! Rolf 
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Normcore Social - The growth of LinkedIn (Blog post, 12min)
LinkedIn once was the network you signed up for to look for a job. Today you look at your newsfeed and realize everyone has something to say. How did LinkedIn get there and how is it different to other social media platforms? Side note: I see lots of pirated meme content with little value. That may be due to being connected with the wrong people. More

"Top Web Trends for 2020 and why they are coming" (Blog post, 12min)
It's December and all the 2020 predictions are showing up. You will have seen most of the design elements mentioned in this article, nevertheless, it's a great read to learn how the style of websites changed in recent years and which trends you might avoid because everybody is doing it (like gradients?). More

Here’s What’s Happening in the American Teenage Bedroom (Article, 10min)
This is a portrait of a 15-year-old guy who built a meme account on Instagram with 2mio followers. He posted more than 100 times a day. Then Instagram deleted his account. Oh, by the way, he made between 10 to 15K a month. More 

The Web Almanac (Report)
The Web Almanac State of the web report combines stats with expertise. It's structured in 20 chapters, well-written, and presented in an appealing way. Most of the content is targeted at web developers. For marketers, I recommend the chapters about SEO, performance and mobile web. More

Facebook Ads - tips and tricks (Blog post, 5min)
If you are the kind of person that hops into the Facebook business manager to configure ads, this article might give you some inspiration on what to try out in your next campaign. More

10 Most Read Articles of 2019 - Think with Google (Articles)
According to Google, these are 10 must-reads for marketers. More

Dad Takes Over Daughter’s Instagram (Blog post, 2min)
Can you take over the Insta account from your kid and build it from 2k to 12k followers in 2 weeks? More

Pantone Announces its Color of 2020 (Blog post, 1min)
This is a great marketing / PR initiative by Pantone. Read this humorous take on the color of 2020. More
🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services
Editing podcasts by editing text with Descript
Open your audio file with this software and it generates the transcript for your audio file. Then you can edit the audio by changing the text. Magic! More

Tool for posting your Instagram pictures to Twitter
Instagram posts shared to Twitter show only a link to your Insta post, the photo is not embedded in the tweet. This tool fixes that. More

Common illustrations in your brand color for free
All the typical illustrations you might need for your next presentation or website. More

Google Analytics Alternative
Once a year someone in a meeting asks: Is there an alternative to Google Analytics? Ackee is one of those alternatives available. More

WordPress: How many posts have been published?
This website tells you how many posts a self-hosted WordPress site has published. More

Excel - your drum machine
Tired of crunching numbers in Excel? Try the drum machine instead. Download available. More

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How to connect Facebook lead ads to your CRM. More
Productivity tips for users of the Elementor page builder. More
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