Use Your Democratic Rights, Be Part of the GA 2020!
Dear Members,

The General Assembly (GA) of IFOAM – Organics International, scheduled for September 26 - 27, 2020, in Rennes, France, is a great opportunity for member organizations to have a real impact on the organic movement, the strategy and overall activities of the organization: As a Voting Member you are free to submit motions on topics you feel are of importance to the organic world. 

We have put together a short video to explain the processes and timelines around the Member Motions. Watch it here !

You are invited to look at the global challenges facing the organic sector from the perspective of IFOAM – Organics International: What should IFOAM – Organics International achieve in its next three-year term, what should be on the agenda? 

Motions should address important policy issues, long-term strategies of IFOAM – Organics International or positions to ensure organic development. They should align with and help further GA approved landmarks like Organic 3.0 and the organizational strategy

The Internal Auditors of this term, Uygun Aksoy and Michel Reynaud, in charge of supervising the implementation of the motions of the 2017 GA, caution that “as motion implementation requires staff resources and a budget, the Internal Auditors recommend to present precise motions that do not contribute to endless and unrealistic wish lists.” 

Once the motion is approved by the GA, the World Board is obliged to implement and report back on it. A less binding tool to express the will of the membership is the so-called Recommendation, to which the World Board has to respond, but there is no obligation to implement. Recommendations can be formulated at the Motion Bazaar, the evening before the GA. 

As an example of how a motion could be structured, see here a strategic motion submitted to our 2017 General Assembly.

What are the next steps?

Have you watched the video to understand the requirements for submitting a motion? Once you have finalized your motion(s), send them to Thomas Cierpka, facilitator of the GA 2020, at, by March 15, 2020. 

In a nutshell:

  • One topic only per motion;
  • Consistency with our mission, strategy, goals and objectives;
  • Short (< 500 characters), clear and easy to understand;
  • Your motion must be formulated as an assertion (not as a question);
  • Propose an activity and body to implement the motion (e.g. World Board, Committees, etc.);
  • Rationale (< 1.000 characters).

We are looking forward to a lively General Assembly where many relevant topics are brought forward for discussion and decision, and thank you for your contribution into this important political process.

Best wishes, 

Peggy Miars                                     Louise Luttikholt                 
President                                                   Executive Director

PS: More information on the 2020 GA can be found here.

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