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Isla Mujeres, Mexico


2019 Planning


Oct 29-Nov 11: Isla Mujeres, MX
Nov 11-15: Nashville, TN
Nov 15-18: New York, NY
Nov 18-26: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26-Dec 1: New York, NY
Dec 1-6: Nashville, TN
Dec 7-14: Beersheba Springs, TN




"Remember, remember! The fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot" will be familiar to our UK readers [happy fireworks night!] but less so to our American ones.

However it is also relevant [ahem] because the MID-TERMS ARE TOMORROW AND PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! We know they have made it annoyingly hard in some states, please persevere! 

Faris is a permanent resident not a citizen so he can't vote in USA [no taxation without representation what...] so please do him a solid and VOTE! [He votes in the UK]. Rosie has already voted remotely. 

Seriously, please please VOTE. We love you. 
Quote of the Week 
"The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter."
— Eisenhower 

Election 2018: Everything You Need

#VOTE #Tools #Actions
Check your registration, find your polling place, get discounted rides to vote, preview your ballet and know your rights in case they try to turn you away. GO VOTE! ::THE VERGE:: 

To Seem and To Be Seen

#Brands #SocialMedia #Seen
Faris' column this month is about the difference between things you want to do and things you want to have done, whether you only seem to be doing something, and whether you are being seen. And how advertising industry appears to be swallowing a lot of VC money right now... ::WARC ADMAP::

You Are Jeff Bezos

#Game #Empathy #Inequality
It's practically impossible for mortals to understand what it is like to be as 'rich as Bezos', but fortunately this text based interactive adventure can help! For example, you could repair Puerto Rico and still have plenty left over to double the salary of everyone at Amazon and abolish the electoral college. It is a "grotesque fortune" and it is only one of many newly minted by Silicon Valley. "Each of them has not just a lot of money, but a truly earthshaking fortune with which every day they choose to do mostly nothing." See if you can spend it fast enough! ::YOU ARE JEFF BEZOS::
Lovely writing advice from Gary Provost. 
Rules are for amateurs and students -
when you know when to break them, you are becoming a writer.
If we can ever be of help to you, even outside of a formal engagement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We always love getting to meet like-minded folks, so please let us know if you see we’ll be in a city near you :)

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