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Isla Mujeres, MX 


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Oct 29-Nov 11: Isla Mujeres, MX
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Nov 15-18: New York, NY
Nov 18-24: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This edition of Strands of Genius is curated by husband-and-wife duo Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer. Jen and Jason are the authors of the new novel, MR. NICE GUY, a critically acclaimed romantic comedy set in the glamorous, cutthroat world of New York City publishing. In the book, one couple sleeps together each week and then reviews each other’s sexual performance in a magazine. MR. NICE GUY is about how to balance romantic relationships and professional ambition and what it means to be truly honest (about sex and everything else!) with your significant other. Here, the couple shares their favorite resources for genuine communication.

Editor's Note: We're so excited to have Jennifer and Jason curating this week's edition of Strands. When Jennifer, a journalist and writer, was asking her husband, Editor-in-Chief for, what she should write about, he tossed out a suggestion that began a new partnership for this husband/wife dynamic duo. Rosie sped through MR. NICE GUY on our last plane ride, and absolutely loved it. Cheeky and fun, you should absolutely add it to your reading list!

72 percent of people said that working with a close friend, family member or spouse helps the work that they do. Every entrepreneur is looking for an edge, meaning that edge just might be closer than you think.

Embrace the Interview Wish

#InterviewAsTherapy #LearnToListen
Nobody does a better job of facilitating intimate conversation than Terry Gross, who has interviewed more than 13,000 people during her time hosting Fresh Air. This 2015 profile of Gross on The Art of Opening Up is full of advice about how embracing the "interview wish" - the desire to share and be heard - can lead to emotional catharsis. Read it for tips on how to ask great questions but also how to genuinely hear the answers. ::NEW YORK TIMES::

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

#RelationshipGoals #HaveBetterSex #DoTheDishes
To be more communicative about our own sex lives, we called on Emily Morse, Dr. of Human Sexuality and host of the podcast Sex With Emily. If you've ever felt embarrassed or shy about telling your partner what you like (or don't!), the show is full of practical solutions for how to jumpstart the conversation. One great takeaway: Talk about sex in the car or while doing the dishes. Sometimes it's easiest to say what's on your mind when you're not looking longingly (or awkwardly) into your partner's eyes. ::SEX WITH EMILY::

How to Work with a Friend, Relative or Spouse

#CreativeCollaboration #PlayToYourStrengths #BeHonestAndNice
People often ask how we're still married after writing a novel together. The key was effective communication - talking through our unique strengths and roles for the project and keeping criticism constructive. And as it turns out, those are tactics used by many other working couples too. Jason partnered with SurveyMonkey to poll 1,007 people about their experiences collaborating with someone close to them and found that 87% said it was a positive experience. The number one strategy they used to make it work: "Establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities" - which is to say, good communication from the very start. ::ENTREPRENEUR::

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Jennifer Miller & Jason Feifer

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