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Amsterdam, NL


Those decks tho


Nov 18-26: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26-Dec 1: New York, NY
Dec 1-6: Nashville, TN
Dec 7-14: Beersheba Springs, TN




Strands is brought to you by Billy & Camille, a surprise adventure to Eindhoven, the Van Abbenmusem, coffee shops and canals, bitterballen, Gradcore, European beds (WHY DO QUEEN MATTRESSES NOT EXIST?! Two twin/singles are not the same thing!), lazy afternoons reading, a talk in a church, The Gardeners, Ged&Wiemer&Sam&Becky&John, Stef, a gorgeous kitchen, a perfect lemon pepper roasted chicken, underground trash, craft beer, and ALL OF THE LAYERS. 
Quote of the Week 
“We need to pause and think about whether this is good or bad, 
and not just sit back and let it happen,”
— Mats Dillén, head of a Swedish Parliament committee

ICYMI: HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE >> Call for submissions!

#MakinAListAndCheckinItTwice #CelebratingNaughtyAndNice
For the past several years, we've enjoyed sending out a holiday gift guide for the creatively minded individual. Each year, it's one of our most opened, and most clicked-through newsletters. Turns out there's a lot of cool sh*t out there, huh?! But it's made possible by people like YOU telling us the coolest things you've seen/used/read/consumed this year. 

(None of these products need to have been made or released this year. Sometimes you discover a gem that's been around for ages and is only new to you. We totally get it.)

We'll be doing a holiday giveaway as well, and those who submit items for us to review will get a double entry. More on that later, but needless to say, just another incentive to take a few minutes and tell us what you think should go on our list. ::GOOGLE SURVEY:: 

Online Shopping & Cheap Prices Are Turning Americans Into Hoarders

#Consumerism #Culture #Hoarding #CyberMonday 
On the topic of consumerism... Hope y'all are having a great cyber Monday and getting all of the deals. Aaccording to research by Ann-Christine Duhaime, a professor of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School, humans actually get a dopamine hit (that feel good chemical) from buying stuff. In 2017, we spent *twice* as much (even adjusted for inflation) than in 2012. Philip K. Dick coined the phrase "kipple" to refer to useless objects that accumulate in the house. But as this article points out: "Our kipple does not multiply on its own when we turn away. We grow it ourselves, buying more of it, simply because we can." Some seriously crazy stats on the consumerist culture in this article.. ::THE ATLANTIC::

Why The Calorie Is Broken

#Health #Food #Science
This article reads like a radio lab -- and yeah, it turns out that losing weight isn't as simple as consuming less calories than calories used. Because a calorie isn't *just* a calorie. Here's how we measure calories, and why the precision of measurment is an illusion. ::GIZMODO::

Swedish Cash Grab 

#$ #C.R.E.A.M. #Digital
Sweden’s Push to Get Rid of Cash Has Some Saying, ‘Not So Fast’. Cash is disappearing in the country faster than anyone thought. Now, officials are trying to slow its demise as they determine the societal costs.  ::NEW YORK TIMES::
Modern Day Religion
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