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Hey everybody, Mike Vosters here reporting live from Brooklyn, NY. I’m a social entrepreneur that joined the ranks of nomad about a year ago following inspiration from the Genius Steals team. Now, I’m working on the Mental Health League, the charitable apparel brand working to end the stigma against mental illness that you were introduced to last week – learn more here. Now I’m here to curate this week’s mental health themed edition of Strands of Genius.

Editor's Note: A huge thank you to Vosters for curating this edition of Strands. We are big fans of him and his partner Nicole, and big fans of those advocating for mental health in general. This is an especially great edition, and we hope you'll dive into all the links he selected.
Quote of the Week
“For most people, the need to belong is even more powerful than the desire for self-esteem. Simply put, social connectedness is a critical human need, and one way we establish it is through symbolic affiliations with others." — Psychology Today 

The Psychology of Sports Fandom

#Psychology #SelfEsteem #PeopleReallyLoveSports
What motivates people to fly in a plane across the country to wear expensive merchandise in order to serve as walking billboards for multi-billion dollar corporations with multi-millionaire employees, and then get into heated discussions about whether the designated hitter is sacrosanct or an abomination? Clearly there is a lot of psychology at work, and much of it involves the self. ::PSYCHOLOGY TODAY::

How To Build A Mental Fitness Routine

#MentalHealth #Routines #Productivity
Over the past two years, I’ve realized how important it is to dedicate time to mental health exercises — everybody recognizes the importance of exercise for physical health but very few people have a specific mental health training regimen. This is basically a “How-To Guide” to be a high performer in life and maintain happiness at the same time.

Why Instagram Is The Worst For Social Media Health

#MentalHealth #SocialMedia #DoubleTap
Out of five social networks included in the survey, Instagram is the worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing, according to a recent survey of almost 1,500 teens and young adults. ::TIME::

Is There a Link between Creativity and Mental Illness?

#MentalHealth #Creativity #Artists
Michelangelo, Beethoven, van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, and so many others who through their work, altered the course of human existence, were also known to wrestle with powerful inner demons. That doesn’t prove a link, however. We could as a society merely romanticize the artist riddled with madness and eccentricity. So has science found a link? And if so, what can it tell us about this relationship? ::BIG THINK::

ICYMI: The MHL aka The Mental Health League 

#FriendsOfGeniusSteals #MentalHealth #NoOffSeason
Even though more than 20% of US adults deal with mental health issues every year, few speak up about it. But mental health is an invisible illness, and if you haven’t experienced it first or second hand, it’s hard to understand the importance. The MHL is turning stigma into strength with their MHL Rally Caps... and we’ve already ordered three. Check out their video, sign up for updates, or get a hat of your own if you feel so inclined.  ::KICKSTARTER::
Do you have a mental health story to share? Want to be more involved in the Mental Health League? Reply to this email and let us know.

Mike Vosters | Founder, MHL 
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