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4A's Strat Fest Keynote


Oct 7-13: 4As StratFest | NYC
Oct 13-27: London, UK
Oct 27-29: Atlanta, GA
Oct 29-Nov 11: Isla Mujeres, MX
Nov 11-18: TBD
Nov 18-24: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 24-30: Tentatively NYC



This week we are giving the keynote at the 4As Stratfest in NYC, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of planning. We will be unveiling our vision for the future of planning and strategy in the industry, dubbed the Gemini Agenda. 

The winner of the free pass to the 4As Stratfest, for sending us a bunch of different strategy artifacts in some great decks, is Tim Polder! Congrats Tim - your name will be on the list - come find us during the day. 

Strands is brought to you by the London International Awards crew: Barb, Patricia, Wayne, the New Jury, a reunion with our friend Andrew, and an NYC meet up with Morgan, chicken curry and ramen, some weird weather everywhere, Brian, The Standard Grill, and the 4As.
Quote of the Week is baaaaaaack!
"The future of strategy and planning does not lie in traditional communications agencies” — Adrian Ho, founder, Zeus Jones

Strategist Salary Survey

#Money #Knowledge #Thanks
Siftly has published the results of the 2018 strategist salary survey so if you are one, head over and make sure you are getting your due! You will also be able to see how many variants of strategist seem to exist now, [an issue we are speaking about at the 4As Stratfest]. And shucks, thanks so much for naming #strandsofgenius one of the top community resources for strategists - we love you! ::SLIDESHARE::

Choose Your Own Black Mirror Adventure

#Interactive #Creativity #Innovation 
Netflix is betting the time is right for mainstream adoption of interactive TV and will debut a choose your own adventure episode of Black Mirror. This concept has been hinted at ever since the digital comic book in the movie BIG, we shall see if it takes off this time.  ::BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK::

Banksy Shreds

#EverythingisPR #Culture #Actions
One of Banksy's most famous designs - Girl With Balloon - was up for auction. It was sold for £1M - at which point the painting was shredded by a device concealed in the frame. The art provocateur has an incredible ability to hack culture and get media coverage, making his work all the more valuable [even the shredded piece might be worth more now] - the business of art is fame. ::GUARDIAN:: 

The Rebirth of Comms: Our WARC Webinar

#StealTheseSlides #WorldAdvertisingResearchCouncil #Comms
Thanks to all of you who attended our latest WARC webinar! We're not sure the final numbers, but last we heard there were over 1200 of you. Thanks also for the positive feedback, via Twitter, email, and notes to our clients (Y'all made us look good!).
You can check out the slides from all our WARC webinars here.
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