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Las Vegas, NV


4A's Strat Fest Keynote


October 3-7: LIA Awards | Las Vegas, NV
Oct 7-13: 4As StratFest | NYC
Oct 13-27: London, UK
Oct 27-29: Atlanta, GA
Oct 29-Nov 11: Isla Mujeres, MX
Nov 11-18: TBD
Nov 18-24: Amsterdam, Netherlands



Oh hai there. We're in Las Vegas where Rosie is judging the NEW category at the LIA Awards. Strands is brought to you by the lovely team behind the show and all the other judges. 

Next week [Oct 10th] we are giving the keynote at the 4As Stratfest in NYC, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of planning. We will be unveiling our vision for the future of planning and strategy in the industry, dubbed the Gemini Agenda. 

GIVEAWAY! The 4As have kindly given us a pass for the conference to give away! If you want a chance to win, just send us your favorite strategic artifact [you know we love them!] by replying to this email. It can be a model, map, process, plan, brief or brand architecture. You can submit up to five and each will count as a separate entry. Send an attachment or link via email to and we'llpick a person at random. YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL MONDAY TO ENTER! [travel or any other costs are not included, only the pass to the conference.] For those readers who can't get to NYC, we have a secondary prize! We'll send you a copy of not one, not two, but THREE books: Faris's book Paid Attention, and the books we contributed chapters to this year: Creative SuperPowers and Eat Your Greens
Quote of the Week is baaaaaaack!
“For the first time in human history, it is near impossible to be unobserved.” — General Mark Milley, head of the U.S. Army

Social Media Warfare

#Culture #Communications #Insight
It was apparently the now disgraced General Michael Flynn who first observed and operationalized the idea that there was more insight and information to be found in social media than through traditional spycraft techniques. An insight that ended up being instrumental in his downfall.  ::THE ATLANTIC::

Stop DeSkilling

#Skills #Creativity #Innovation 
The Deconstruction Paradigm is a new book by Marcus Kirsch on how businesses need to evolve beyond technology as a solution. He has given us an exclusive excerpt, an appeal for polymaths to make sense of complexity.  ::MEDIUM::

Interscope Records Makes Wine

#Blur #Culture #Branding
The head of strategic marketing at Interscope records was inspired by Beats by Dre being sold for billions of dollars to consider product innovation that leveraged their artists and cultural cache. They came up with Electric Sky - a stackable set of 4 cups with wine, for festivals. Promoted via music videos as Beats was, it's now the only wine served at Bonnaroo, Coachella and many others. ::NEW YORKER:: 

The Rebirth of Comms: Our WARC Webinar

#StealTheseSlides #WorldAdvertisingResearchCouncil #Comms
Thanks to all of you who attended our latest WARC webinar! We're not sure the final numbers, but last we heard there were over 1200 of you. Thanks also for the positive feedback, via Twitter, email, and notes to our clients (Y'all made us look good!).
You can check out the slides from all our WARC webinars here.
Don't say we never do anything for you. ;-)
If we can ever be of help to you, even outside of a formal engagement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We always love getting to meet like-minded folks, so please let us know if you see we’ll be in a city near you :)

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