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Nashville, TN 


getting to NYC trying to bypass some winter weather


Nov 18-24: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26-Dec 1: New York, NY
Dec 1-6: Nashville, TN
Dec 7-14: Beersheba Springs, TN
Dec 15-30: Nashville, TN
Dec 31-June 10: Greenville, SC



This week's Strands comes from guest editor, Zac Hood. He is the Founder of Travel Freely, a free web app for free travel. We met through a chance encounter and email/phone exchanges. We always hear request from people: "more about travel!" So, this is for you. And the rest of y'all, too ;)

From Zac:
I met Rosie through her uncle when my wife and I were planning a trip to Peru. She shared her itinerary and recommendations, and we had an amazing time. Travel hacking was what made the trip possible. In 2010, a friend talked me into getting my first credit card. I was literally shaking when I was filling out my first credit card application. Eight years later, I’ve earned 2,060,000 points/miles for an estimated $30,500 in free travel.

Last year, I went on a year-long deep dive into technology to see if I could create a web app to help people travel for free. I learned as much as I could, and I got the help of freelance developers from India, Ukraine, and a 19-year old whiz kid from Kentucky. I bought the website (because some guy in the Netherlands wanted $30,000 for .com). The result is my first startup that launched earlier this year. It’s an automated software that recommends the best rewards cards, tracks your signup bonuses and annual fees (and helps you avoid them), and lets you add a companion and business, too. Now, I just get emails telling me what to do.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” 

- Jack Kerouac

Skiplagged Is An Airline's Nightmare, But Your Dream Come True

#JediTravelHacks #HalfwayIsGoodEnough #SorryNotSorry
Skiplagged's tagline is “Our flights are so cheap, United sued us... but we won." The website shows you hidden routes for cheaper flights. How? It finds your chosen destination as part of a stopover. If you bring a carry-on, you just get off the first flight and never make the connection. It hacks into the pricing model of connecting flights being cheaper than nonstop. ::SKIPLAGGED::

Why I Love Solo Female Travel More in My Thirties

#SoloTravelWithoutHans #TravelTrends #MarriedToTravel
Solo travel is on the rise, especially for women. Featured on Nomadic Matt's blog (the guy who got famous writing a book on how to travel on $50/day), Kristin Addis writes about her journey into solo female travel, and how it changed as she went from traveling with gap year crews to traveling solo in her 30s. ::NOMADIC MATT::

A Travel Hacker Origin Story

#EpicProposal #CotedAzur #ElleADitOui
Before he created a web app to help people travel for free, Zac had his first experience with free travel by proposing to his wife in Southern France. When he was a kid, Zac was a romantic. Even before he had his first girlfriend, Zac knew where he wanted to propose, in the small town of Menton on the Mediterranean Sea. That led to an obsession with rewards points and over $30,000 in free travel. ::TRAVEL FREELY::

BONUS: All Aboard for the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

#TravelFreely #SouthwestSteal #BOGOForever
One of Zac's favorite things in travel is the Southwest Companion Pass. Travel hackers get worked up into a frenzy about it. The companion pass gets you 2 for 1 travel on Southwest for the year in which you earn it and the following year. What people don’t know is that there’s a simple trick to earning this pass in just 3 months (without even flying), which means almost 2 years of BOGO travel. ::TRAVEL FREELY::

Zac and his wife Virginia made the 2-day hike to Machu Picchu. Thanks to Rosie’s advice and some rewards points, they got a private tour with their own chef!

Zac Hood
Check out Zac's free web app Travel Freely:

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