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London, UK


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Oct 13-27: London, UK
Oct 27-29: Atlanta, GA
Oct 29-Nov 11: Isla Mujeres, MX
Nov 11-15: Nashville, TN
Nov 15-18: New York, NY
Nov 18-26: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26-Dec 1: New York, NY
Dec 1-6: Nashville, TN
Dec 7-14: Beersheba Springs, TN




Strands is brought to you by our lovely clients over at First10, a delicious Indian dinner at Cat's Pyjamas, a solid working day, a few pints at the pub, a canal walk, Antonia & Ronan, Leo, Patricia, a serendipitous encounter with a randomly appearing Stevie on the train from Leeds, CamelUp, a tapas lunch with a friend from Facebook, pastries from Soho, wine from china, and duck from Chinatown, because London, you're so cosmopolitan. With work dominating this trip, we're leaving London without having seen enough people, but so it goes. 

Next week, we've got a guest curator for Monday, and a blast from the past on Thursday. We'll be fielding a few conference calls from Mexico, while also beginning to put together some thoughts for 2019.
Quote of the Week 
"McDonald’s provide many with the chance to make real and valuable connections. When faced with the greatest challenges, with a personal loss, wealthier Americans turn to expensive therapists, others without the resources or the availability, turn to each other.
— Chris Arnade, on McDonald's

Maybe McDonald's Is More Than You Think

#Minimalism #SeekHappiness #LessStuff
When you think of McDonald's, you probably think of Big Macs, Ronald McDonald, maybe the movie The Founder. But do you think of it as the glue that holds communities together? Don't sneer, there's more to Mickey D's than you think. ::THE GUARDIAN:: 

This Dude Ate Like The Rock For a Month

#Health #Food #Celebrity
Faris and I are convinced that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the greatest actors in the world. We're also convinced we'd be super good friends. All that aside, it's hard not to remark on his excellent phsyique. And apparently he published his eating/workout routine somewhere... which led to someone else following his footsteps. Key learning: It's more likely that we would be friends with The Rock than ever attempt his diet/workout plan. ::FIVE THIRTY-EIGHT::

Coastal Living: Inspiring Architecture in Costa Rica

#Travel #Design #VacationsAreUnderrated
We're totally in love with the architecture and design behind this lush Costa Rican resort. Time to plan your next holiday? ::DEZEEN::
We met with the lovely Dr. Paul Caplan who leads the
Advertising MA program at the London College of Communication [which sounds pretty awesome]
to discuss some collaboration opportunities.
He also wrote us a poem on Instagram!
Thanks Dr Paul! 
If we can ever be of help to you, even outside of a formal engagement, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We always love getting to meet like-minded folks, so please let us know if you see we’ll be in a city near you :)

rosie & faris,
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