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GIF is Word of the Year, Microsoft Builds a Babel Fish, The $20 Tablet & More

Ladies and Gentleman, the talented and tireless Rosie Siman has asked me to curate this week's edition of TTT for you lucky, lovely people.  Anything you enjoy you should still credit to her, any errors are mine and mine alone.

And who am I, I hear you ask? I'm Faris, also known as "the boyfriend", her partner in mind and soul, a geek, a writer and strategist, and your humble servant. Ahem.

This reminds me of way back when, if you'll indulge me, and I'm sure you will, before social media became click this + share that, when if you wanted to spread something awesome you found on the internet you had to write a post and think about how you could add something to the conversation. It feels good, wrestling with a new CMS just because there are things out there I'd love for you to know about.

For those of you regular readers who remain on tenterhooks from last week, wondering if we have been able to return home post Sandy, the answer, not yet. We toured the financial district for the first time this weekend and it's still decimated. All very sad.

On a brighter note, the election came and went with a landslide, giving Obama four more years, this time without having to worry about re-election. Let's hope the government can get out of its own way long enough to help the people it is supposed to represent. 

Anyhoo, never discuss religion or politics in polite company they say, so on with the show. 

Just The Links?

1. 4 Lessons in Creativity [creativity / inspiration]
2. How Behavioural Scientists Helped the Obama Campaign [psychology / culture]
3. The Responsinator: What Your Site Looks Like on Mobile Devices [tools / digital / mobile]
4. ReLaunches as Brand Journalism Site [advertising / creativity / content]
5. Rosingly launches this coming Friday [culture / design / shopping]
6. The $20 Dollar Tablet Computer [technology / culture]
7. The AdTrap [technology / culture]
8. Microsoft Demos A Babel Fish [technology / culture]
9. McAfee Founder Wanted for Murder in Belize [culture / news / weird]
10. GIF Beats Out YOLO as Oxford Dictionary Word of 2012 [culture / creativity / technology]


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With the commentary...

1. 4 Lessons in Creativity. [Julie Burstein, TED Talk]
[creativity / psychology]
Julie is a radio host who speaks to creative people for a living and distills down 4 lessons on the process in a TED talk posted this week. When to let go, when to hold on. Creativity is a universal human urge and aspect. She discuses embracing limitations and losses as strengths, the value of playful exploration, making the audience the subject of art, and the power of tension. 

2. How Behavioral Scientists Helped the Obama Campaign.
[psychology / culture]
Obama had a 'dream team' of noted academics advising on his campaign. The insights of behavioral economics and psychology are only just beginning to filter into strategy and policy. Obama had some heavy hitters, including Robert Cialdini [author of Influence] and Richard Thaler [co-author of Nudge], offering ideas about how to get people to vote. 

3. The Responsinator: What Your Site Looks Like On Mobile Devices.  
[tools / digital / mobile]
What's a mobile website? We use the modifier because we think of the web as something that starts at the desktop but that's not really the case anymore. Sites need to be dynamically rendered content that adapt to the screen they sniff. That's responsive web design and this tool lets you see what your site looks like on the mobile popular devices.

4. Relaunches as Brand Journalism Site.  
[advertising / creativity / content]
Yesterday, one of the biggest brands in the world relaunched their dotcom as a content site "very much like a newspaper or a magazine". Content marketing is one of the huge shifts in the advertising world of late, the insight being advertising is something you want to say, but content is something your audience wants to hear, and that perhaps that's a better way to earn their attention. 

5. Rosingly Launches This Friday.     
[culture / design / shopping]
News so fresh it's from the future, we bring you Rosingly, a new daily deals site that launches this Friday. They partner directly with local manufacturers, so you will be getting discounted designer furniture from nearby.

6. The $20 Dollar Tablet Computer. 
[technology / culture]
When I was a lad the only tablet you could get for $20...well, let's say it didn't get you online. Indian start-up Datawind unveiled a tablet with a processor as powerful as the chip in the first generation iPad that will go on sale for $20 to students, and $40 bucks for anyone else. That's the mind-blowing impact of Moore's Law tendency to exponentiate once again blowing minds exponentially. 

7. The AdTrap. 
[advertising / culture / technology]
Former chairman of BBH and business provocateur Cindy Gallup says that by telling people they can skip ads in a few seconds, or that you can download something for free if you will just watch an ad, we've been communicating that 'advertising is a very bad thing', which is a shame. She, like me, thinks we need to re-position advertising as a force for good but until we do, products like The AdTrap, which plugs in between your devices and the web and removes all the ads, seem to prove her point. It's already 50% funded after 4 days on Kickstarter.

8. Microsoft Demos a Babel Fish.      
[technology / culture]
For the less geeky among you, the babel fish was a tiny yellow fish in Douglas Adams' novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy that lives in your ear and automatically translates any language you hear. Microsoft posted a video at the end of last week showing a demo of a system that translates spoken English into Mandarin. In almost real time. In your own voice. 

9. McAfee Founder Wanted for Murder in Belize.     
[culture / news / weird]
John McAfee, millionaire founder of the anti-virus company, is currently on the run in Belize as the prime suspect in a murder discovered Sunday. It gets much weirder than this. He had been posting online about his experiments with the substances commonly known as 'bath salts'. Weirder still, his dogs were poisoned last Friday, which police believe may have been a motive. Weirder even still, he contacted Wired Magazine to protest his innocence, claiming the Belizean government is trying to kill him. 

10. GIF Beats Out YOLO as Oxford Dictionary Word of 2012. 
[culture /  creativity / technology]
The GIF file format is actually older than the web itself, being debuted by Compuserve in 1987, but in world of ever diminished attention, where Dawkin's lofty cultural concept of a meme understood as a manipulated image spread across Tumblr, they have come into their own. So much so in fact, that the OED has named it word of the year, both as noun and verb. [You've been GIFed]. Now if we could only agree on how to pronounce it.

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