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This week's Strands comes from the mind of guest editor, Stu Goulden. Stu is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Like No Other, a strategic marketing agency and start-up studio. When not shaking up sectors for others, he likes to pursue his own ideas and see where they take him. Lately, he's been working on TOG Studios - bringing all-inclusive content studio hire to the UK. Thing of it as a YouTube creator space open to brands and agencies. 

The Magic Behind Make-Believe Cities

#Videogames #Brandworlds #Weekendslostplayingzelda #Sorethumbs
Video games are incredible canvas for experimenting with the urban environment. But what makes a great virtual city? Virtual Cities: An Atlas & Exploration of Video Game Cities is a new book exploring the imagination, believability and painstaking attention-to-detail behind magical environments for gameplay and storytelling. The atlas focuses on 40 make-believe cities and features hand-drawn illustrations by visual artist Maria Kallikaki and analysis by Game developer and writer Konstantinos Dimopoulous. Next time you embark on a new brand world you could do worse than look here for inspiration. ::DEZEEN::

The Lost Art of House Ads

#Houseads #Agencyculture #Preinternetads #Bringitback
Do you remember house ads? Dave Dye does in this excellent retrospective. Taking out a full page to proclaim your unique point of view and pique the interest of potential clients was legitimate new business activity - and an entertaining spectator sport! Rivalries would play out. Counter-ads would be issued. Accounts would trade hands. And personalities would shine. When it seems agency culture today has been reduced to ping pong tables and free beer, perhaps it's time to bring them back. ::DAVE DYE::

To office, or Not to Office

#Officepolitics #Productivity #Watercoolergossip #Remoteworking
Remote workplaces might be all the rage but they're not without their challenges. If we're no longer sharing the same space, what impact does it have on trust, camaraderie and conflict? A recent study showed that, next to collaborating and communicating, loneliness was the biggest struggle for remote workers. This article explores what a shift in workplace norms means for internal politics and staff wellbeing, and how you can cultivate happy, productive teams without a walled office. ::TECHCRUNCH:: 

A Rallying Call for Tech for Good

#Whydowhatyoudo #Climatechange #Techforgood #Startwithwhy
"We live in a world where we have the money and technology but we lack imagination. If you read Drawdown by Paul Hawken, you can find 150 inventions to reverse climate change. But we are not doing it, why?"
Inventor, environmentalist and personal hero of mine, Daan Roosegaard is tackling some of the biggest issues facing our generation. From smog-fighting bicycles, art-inspired cycle routes, glow-in-the-dark roads and energy-harvesting kites, his work has real purpose. Shouldn't we all be applying a greater percentage of our talent and time to the common good? ::IMPAKTER::
TOG Studios

What did I miss? Let Rosie & Faris know if you have a keen eye for upcoming trends and thought pieces that challenge conventional wisdom - they're always on the look-out for guest curators. 

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