Taking One Step at a Time: Using Every Stakeholder’s Role to Promote SEL for All 

As part of a whole child model of teaching, learning and caring, ALL4SC - Accelerating Learning & Leadership for South Carolina – sees implementing evidence-based SEL strategies as fundamental for all students, teachers, families and communities. In partnership with United Way of the Midlands and National University, ALL4SC promotes using common evidence-based practices - such as Harmony SEL curriculum and Inspire professional development offerings - throughout the school building and across care and education providers.

September’s SEL newsletter highlights innovative strategies that everyone can try at home or in the classroom. The start of the new school year is a good time to set lasting foundations for students’ long-term, sustainable social and emotional well-being. Read on to learn about resources, information, and tips that can benefit students, teachers, and families in social emotional learning and academic outcomes. 

Preparing for 21-22 School Year: Lead with Motivation and Determination 

All three of the Everyday Practices (Meet Up, Buddy Up, and Harmony) are helpful in establishing quality student-teacher relationships and a thriving classroom climate, Teachers can use these engagement strategies and work directly with students to set the tone for learning and development. Read on for a brief overview of all three Everyday Practices that parents and teachers can use in and out of the classroom. 
The table below provides a quick snapshot example of how teachers can incorporate Meet Up and Buddy Up into a weekly classroom weekly routine. Lessons vary from 30 – 45 minutes. When using Buddy Up in the classroom, Harmony suggests using a buddy grid and buddy board to track who has been paired up, and display pairs to the entire classroom. When using Buddy Up, teachers can change up student pairs throughout the year which helps build connections. Additionally, Meet Up helps students and teacher discuss classroom goals and questions in a safe and encouraging environment. Starting the day with a 10-minute Meet Up fosters a sense of community and allows students to problem solve together. 

Where to Begin: Register and Get Started with Harmony and Inspire


  • Register online for free here.  
  • Use your login to access any of the Online Learning Portals.


  • Navigate the Harmony Online Learning Portal for SEL curriculum lessons, strategies, activities for school and home. 
  • Navigate the Inspire Online Learning Portal for on-demand educator professional development. 

On-Demand Support

  • View training and demo videos to learn about the programs as well as real-life examples of lessons and activities inside the Harmony program. 
  • Click here for on-demand training.

School Community Building Toolkits – Harmony and Inspire 

COVID-19 changed many educators’ and students’ ability to attend school in person and learn in the classroom. As students and educators return to in person learning, rebuilding the community for those who were in the school and building a community for those who are new is key. Harmony has a new toolkit for educators and students with strategies to help with this transition.
By using Meet Up, Buddy Up and Harmony lesson plans, schools can help students through the transition back to the classroom and create healthy friendships with peers. Harmony also helps students better understand their emotions and what strategies to use when they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Check out the new toolkits below to begin incorporating them into the classroom! 

For Educators   For Students

 Resource Hub

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