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with your best and final offer.

Did you miss getting your Name On The Wall at Hungry Mother?
Well ... here's your chance to Get Your Face On The Wall of State Park!

(If you haven't heard, we're opening a new bar in One Kendall Square called State Park... we're shooting to be up and running by mid December. )

Before "Crowd Sourcing" was an entry in the dictionary...


We had our own grassroots, community building campaign to raise a couple extra bucks and include our friends, family and total strangers in the building of Hungry Mother, called “Get Your Name On The Wall”. 


Here we are almost six years later and we’re doing it again … now BIGGER and BETTER … you have to opportunity to get your FACE on the WALL of Hungry Mother’s (obnoxious little) sister bar, State Park , and be a part of opening your new favorite hangout!  (AND you'll be doing some good because we’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds to Food For Free ( )  a Cambridge based non-profit that rescues food that might otherwise go to waste and distributes it in the emergency food system.)

Here's the deal


- Bid on a spot for YOUR SHINING FACE to be on “the Wall” of State Park.  If you successfully secure a spot we will hold it on our wall until you visit State Park.  During your first visit we will take your photo with an instant camera and subsequently staple gun it to a wall in the bar.


- We will be offering about 400 spaces.  We may be able to offer more if space allows.  And if the whole thing is a flop, we will refund your money with gratitude that you were someone who wanted to be part of the fun!  

- Starting bid is $50.  You can have as many people in the picture as faces you can fit … so gather your friends up, chip in and Bid!

- You have ONE chance to bid on your spot. So make it worth your while! 
- Send an e-mail with your Best and Final Offer to (<---click here to send!)  with the following info:
Your Full Name
Your Telephone Number
Your Bid
- Bidding starts Monday, December 2 and will end At NOON on Monday, December 9.  ( Your e-mail must be time stamped by 12pm EST, 12/9/2013)
- We will sort out the bids and the top 400 bidders will get a spot reserved for their Face On The Wall.

The fine print:
- We will invoice you by PayPal.  You will have 2 days to pay.  If your payment is not received we will offer your spot to the next highest bidder.
- We still reserve the right to offer more spaces on the wall.
- We reserve the right to put your picture on any wall of the bar that we deem appropriate.
- Also - sorry, but our lawyers are making us have you sign a release when we take your pic.


P.S. Here's where your money will be going:  

10% to Food For Free (
90% - A mix of  the following:

 - Some $ helping us pay for things like chairs, tables, construction and taxidermy

 - Some $ to Uncle Sam

 - Some $ to Uncle PayPal



BID NOW!!! Click Here to E-Mail your best and final offer to

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