Recruiting Psychedelic Integration Therapists for Survey Study

Fluence and Osmind launch partnership with survey study of psychedelic integration therapists and patients

Dear community,

Next fall, Fluence will launch a survey study to better understand psychedelic integration therapists and their clients. Our objective is to get a sense of how integration therapists engage in their work through a very brief initial survey. We will then provide study participants with a survey tool from our partners at Osmind, so we can measure the impact of psychedelic integration over time in your clients. We're particularly interested in enhancements to well-being and reduction in stigma associated with psychedelics.

Research in psychotherapy is a sensitive matter. The study protocol has been reviewed by an IRB, and has received an exemption letter due to the minimal level of risk associated with our study. This study is not about examining the superiority of one training or psychotherapeutic approach over another, but about understanding why clients seek psychedelic integration, and how they change over time.

Learn more about the study

If you are a therapist providing psychedelic integration services and you would like to learn more about contributing to the research, you can sign up here

If you are interested in contributing to this research, we invite you to attend one of two orientation webinars, on Wednesday, September 15 at 9:00 am PDT and Thursday, September 23, at 3:00 pm PDT. The webinars will provide greater detail about the methods of the research, as well as orient you to the survey software.

Thank you for being part of the growing psychedelic therapy community.

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