Fluence Newsletter - November 2021

Fluence’s winter courses, funding announcement, and new staff!

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Bringing our expertise from multiple psychedelic therapy clinical trials and research leadership positions, our team delivers meaningful, engaging, and impactful training experiences to individual therapists and entire research teams,” said Fluence co-founder Elizabeth Nielson, Ph.D. “We look forward to implementing the expansion that this funding will allow and welcoming the next generation of therapists to our field.”

Fluence’s winter sessions are officially available for registration and packed with important information and interactive activities. Over the last month, we have been busy welcoming new staff, teaching our Fall courses, and holding our Experiential Training retreat.

Meetings for the Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy start on November 19, so apply now!

Be sure to explore our many upcoming trainings and courses, led by the world’s leading experts on psychedelic therapy and psychedelic integration.

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Join us January 21-23, 2022 for our upcoming live online course, “Psychedelic Integration: Premise and Promise.” This is your opportunity to gain greater insights into how to work with patients with a history of psychedelic use or who have expressed interest in using psychedelics.

This interactive training will include experiential learning, demonstrations, self-reflection, and role-play exercises. The themes of spirituality, ethics, and critical discussion will be woven throughout the program with opportunities for connection, collaboration, and building community.

Dr. Ingmar Gorman on The Dales Report

Winter Course—Psychological Approaches to Psychedelic Therapy—Now Open for Registration

Starting on February 2, 2022, Psychological Approaches to Psychedelic Therapy focuses on various psychological concepts that are critical for psychedelic therapy.

The goal of this reading and study group is to analyze and understand the ways in which psychedelic therapy helps individuals through a variety of indications. Throughout the course, participants will be asked to compare, critique, and explore new ways that psychedelic therapy can be used.

If you’re interested in joining this course, apply here to secure your spot for the 12-week program which will provide more information about the methods of research.

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson Presenting at Portland Psychotherapy’s TRIPS Seminar

Apply for the Psychedelic Integration Clinical Consultation Group

Join Fluence Assistant Trainer Rebecca Kronman, LCSW for her Psychedelic Integration Clinical Consultation Group that allows participants to present case material from their own practices.

The goal of this group is to provide a safe, informative, and confidential place for therapists and other practitioners to discuss their clinical work in psychedelic integration. Being able to discuss clinical work, expanded psychedelic knowledge, helping others expand their work and understandings.

This 12-week course starts on January 10, 2022, so be sure to secure a spot.


Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Certificate Program Open House

To learn more about Fluence’s Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, we invite you to attend a free one-hour Open House meeting this November 12. Led by Fluence co-founder Dr. Elizabeth Nielson and our new Interim KAP Certificate Program Director, Donna Sorgen, LMHC, LPC, we’ll provide an overview of the program and hold a live Q&A discussion. The Open Houses will take place on November 12 (3-4 pm EDT).


Meet our new Lead Trainer,
Dr. Lawrence Fischman

Welcome to our new Assistant Trainer,
Haya Al-Hejailan, MSc

MAPS Bulletin: Navigating Uncharted Waters: An Emergent Professional Psychedelic Therapist Training Program

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