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New fall courses, new survey study, and more

Dear community,

This past month has been an exciting time filled with announcements of our new partnerships, all created to further the field of psychedelic research and medicine.

Fluence co-founder and lead trainer Dr. Elizabeth Nielson was featured in Lucid News for her collaboration in the development of Compass Pathways’ new FDA-reviewed psilocybin therapist training program. The program will be used to train therapists for Compass Pathways’ psilocybin therapy clinical trials for treatment-resistant depression.

We were also delighted to announce our partnership with Osmind in the launch of our survey study of psychedelic integration therapists and patients. The study will help us gain a better understanding of why patients turn to psychedelic integration therapy, and how practitioners can best serve their varying needs.

Read on to discover the latest developments and news from the Fluence community, including brand new Fall courses, an update about our mentorship program, and more.

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New Courses for our Fall 2021 Curriculum

Due to popular demand, we have added two additional sections of our Integration Essentials and Psychoanalytic Psychedelic Clinical Consultation Group courses.

Spaces filled up quickly for the first classes, so if you missed out last time, make sure to apply for these new sections ASAP.

These courses are credentialed for CE for healthcare providers; see courses for details.

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Explore your inner landscapes—starting next week

Starting this Wednesday, July 7, our six-session online writing and meditation group Illuminating Self: Inquiry for Psychedelic Therapists will give clinicians, healthcare practitioners, and wellness providers greater tools for exploring their inner landscapes, in order to connect more deeply with their patients and clients.

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Fluence trainers in June 2021

Fluence’s Experiential Staff Retreat

Our trainers completed our experiential staff development retreat at Menla in Phoenicia, NY, on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

The retreat was full of growth and learning, as we took a deep dive into the ethics and nuances of leadership in psychedelic therapist training programs.

Our trainers left the retreat better prepared to meet the challenge of expanding access to education in this field.

Meet our new Interim Integration Certificate Program Director, Dr. Alex Camargo

Fluence is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Alex Camargo as our Interim Integration Certificate Program Director!

Dr. Alex Camargo is a psychologist based in New York City and maintains a private practice in Manhattan. His work is heavily influenced by psychoanalytic and attachment theories where he works with clients to address anxiety, depression, life transitions, and spiritual crises.

Dr. Camargo also provides psychedelic harm reduction and integration, helping clients prepare for psychedelic experiences, incorporate insights or cope with challenges post-experience. He has been employed to be a study therapist on a clinical trial investigating the impact of psilocybin on the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder at New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI).

Dr. Camargo’s clinical training focused on providing mental health services in low-fee clinics and hospitals to traditionally underserved communities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Nassau County.

Meet the Fluence team

About the Fluence Mentorship Program

A key element of Fluence’s postgraduate certificates is the mentorship students receive during their time of study. The Fluence mentorship program is specific, customized, and serves a central role in tracking participants’ progress in meeting the knowledge, competency, and experience requirements for Certificate Program graduation.

Mentoring is intended to 1) help participants find and strengthen the connection between their individual values, motivations, and histories regarding professional work with psychedelics as medicines; 2) fully engage with their Certificate Program’s content; and 3) apply their learning in this context to their legally and ethically undertaken professional practice of psychedelic-assisted or psychedelic integration therapy.

Fluence recognizes that the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy and psychedelic integration therapy is continuously evolving, and just as the Certificate Programs adapt to meet it, so, too, will mentorship in this context.

In its dynamic, holistic, transparent, and reflexive approach, the mentorship program ultimately serves Fluence’s mission of facilitating the development and dissemination of a diverse cohort of psychedelic therapists who feel confident, capable, and excited to expand knowledge around and access to psychedelics as medicines within their own diverse clinical populations.

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Lucid News

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June 11, 2021

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