XinNianKuaiLe 新年快樂!

Dear Qi-friends,

Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Year of the Golden Rat!

I am sending sincere wishes to you and your families for a healthy, auspicious, and prosperous new year!


New Year begins and new animal sign on the way!

According to Chinese tradition, this new lunar year will start on January 25, 2020.

GengZi 庚子, the Year of the Golden (Yang Metal) Rat begins with the first day of spring, February 4, 2020. 

The New Year is everyone's birthday

China celebrates the lunar new year in a big way. It is considered the true universal birthday - we all turn one year older, along with the universe itself, on (lunar) New Year’s Day.

Growing up in China, I never had a chance to celebrate the actual day of my birth. In fact, I was totally unaware of even having a "different" birthday than anyone else because of this influence! 


New Year's Eve - prepare to start the year off on the right foot

Chinese New Year’s Eve is the biggest cleaning day of the year. I have vivid memories of the whole family cleaning the house on New Year's Eve. We would clean everything, including all the furniture, in order to get rid of the old energy and welcome in the new year’s fresh Qi.

New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important family celebration of the year. Still today, for most Chinese it is a top priority to travel back to their parents’ home and join the large family reunion for New Year’s Eve dinner.

New Year's Day - to do and not to do

On New Year's day, we always:
  • First thing in the morning, we offer sacrifices to nature and to our ancestors’ spirits
  • Eat longevity noddles for breakfast
  • Wear brand new clothes
On New Year's day, we never:
  • Take a shower
  • Cut our hair or shave
  • Sweep the floor (or vacuum)
  • Throw the trash out
Are you surprised? We never do any cleaning on New Year's Day because New Year's Day is the day the new life energy of the coming year flows into our bodies and our environment. This is the day we gather all the coming good luck Qi and new money Qi into our lives - we don't want to wash or throw any of it away!

Still feeling the cosmological effects of this year's winter energy

As I mentioned in my Winter Greetings in early November 2019, the cosmological energy this winter season has weakened the lung function and/or immune system of many.

Even now near the close of the winter season, the world is watching the Wuhan coronavirus as it spreads in China and beyond.

The change of seasons

The off-season warmth many of us experienced this winter is turning towards a cold spring and this pattern of cosmological Qi I am afraid will not be much better for many people. 
The new cold spring Qi has already begun to influence those people who suffer from joint pain and/or lower back pain.

It is possible that this pattern is also weakening the function of some people’s liver, heart, and/or lung.

What to practice

My recommendation for your Qigong practice this spring is Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong from my Mt. EMei lineage and to continue the mantra practice of Hai 嗨 and Hei 嘿.

For more details about any of my upcoming teaching events and training schedule, please visit my website:

GengZi, the Year of the Golden Rat

GengZi 庚子

The Golden Rat?

In Chinese tradition, Rat is a symbol for brilliance, deep wisdom and strong new life energy. It has the most honored position of being the very first animal symbol in the Chinese zodiac. Rat brings the power to shake off any old patterns of stagnation to create power and usher in new energy into your life.

The Rat is inherently noble and prosperous. Perhaps under the influence of Yang Metal energy, this year brings the potential for double prosperity into our lives? The word for "metal" in Chinese in Jin 金, which we also use to mean gold!


The essence of the Rat

I would like to share this poem I wrote to capture the spirit of the Rat's energy (from my book The 12 Chinese Animals):

Breaking through

the dark period

White snow brings pure land

Thunder power hidden

within roots

Know the Light is returning

Best wishes for a prosperous GengZi year,


Master Zhongxian Wu
Copyright © 2020 Master Zhongxian Wu, All rights reserved.

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