Equinox Greetings from Master Wu

Vernal Equinox


According to the Daoist tradition, this equinox this year will occur on March 20, 2020. The spring equinox is a key juncture of complete balance between the Universal Yin and Yang Qi.

This is a very beneficial time of year for you to spend some time in your cultivation practice.

Standing Tiger Talisman Qigong

I typically do not write a newsletter for the equinox. However, as the coronavirus outbreak is accelerating throughout the western world, I would like to share with you my current daily practice, the Standing Tiger Talisman Qigong form.

I hope it will help you strengthen your life energy and maintain your health and well being.

Tiger Talisman

In the Qigong form, your posture resembles this talisman

Strengthening your ZhengQi 正炁 – the protective Qi in your body

In Daoist tradition, the Tiger Talisman embodies the spiritual Tiger, which represents the vital breath of the Dao, the spirit of the West, and the lungs of our bodies.

Daily practice of this form bolsters our ZhengQi 正炁 (our protective Qi), strengthens our life force, and improves the spiritual and physical functions of our lungs.


  • Stand with feet parallel, shoulder width apart
  • Grip the ground with the toes
  • Feel the body root deep into the earth
  • Knees are slightly bent and open so that your thighs and crotch form an arch
  • The chest is open
  • The shoulders are down and relaxed
  • Both forearms and hands are at chest level with fingers pointing towards each other, as if you are hugging a giant tree
  • The lower abdomen is tucked in
  • The neck is straight
  • The head and upper body are in an upright position
  • Your body is held in an empty and relaxed manner


  • Adjust your breath to be slow, smooth, deep, and even
  • Envision golden light Qi entering your body through all the pores of your skin with each inhale, and nourishing your lungs and large intestines with each exhale


  • Imagine you are hugging a giant tree, which is rooted deep into the earth and reaches way up into the sky
  • Feel that you are surrounded by golden light Qi

Practice Tips:

  • Try this practice in the morning and/or evening
  • Do your best to build up to the point where you can hold the form for at least 30 minutes
  • If you have any difficulty with standing, you are welcome to modify the form and taking a seated position
  • It is totally normal to feel challenged holding the posture, with either pains in your physical body and/or by experiencing uncomfortable emotions during your first few days of practice. Stick with it, this will shift after a few days of unbroken practice!


I hope this practice will help you find your joy, ignite your inner healing power, and feel your life force strengthen each day.


Healing Qi,


Master Wu

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