Winter Greetings from Master Wu

Dear Qi-friends,

Greetings from Sweden! The sun is setting around 3:30pm now, reminding me that winter is coming though the temperatures are much higher than usual.

According to Daoist cosmology, winter officially begins this year on 7 November. 

Dry-Cold challenges ahead

The unusually high temperatures we saw in the autumn will continue for the next couple of weeks. However, Dry-Cold energy will dominate for the majority of December and January.

Dry-Cold is often burdensome for those who have weak lung and/or heart function. People with these susceptibilities will need extra support to avoid related health challenges.

This dynamic may also cause some blood circulation and skin problems.

Unfortunately, it also suggests to me that SARS-CoV2 will continue to worsen during these Dry-Cold months.


Cultivation to support your health and well-being

As usual, in order to maintain my own health and well-being, I have been dedicated to my daily cultivation practice. Like you, I have been carrying feelings of great grief for the world. I make a conscious effort to hold all those beloved in my heart and DanTian during my practice and send them wishes for health and healing.

Transform destructive emotions within

We can all practice transforming destructive energies by compassionately observing those feelings as they arise within us and then sending deep wishes for joy, healing and harmony back to the world and all its beings.

I will continue this practice of emotional transformation while practicing the standing Qigong form I shared with you all in several of my previous newsletters.

By the way, you can always access the newsletter archives here or through my website, by clicking the submenu titled "Newsletter Archives, " which is found under "Home" in the main menu.

The modified breathing method I presented in my
Autumn Newsletter will be even more beneficial during this winter season.

I hope you will all be able to continue your daily cultivation through the winter. 

New! Weekly online class

After receiving many requests from around the world, I am excited to share that I have finally decided to offer a weekly 1.5 hour online Qigong class!


Here are the details:


  • Mystical Warrior Standing Postures to strengthen Kidney and Lung Qi
  • Zhun Seated Meditation - Zhun 屯 is the third hexagram of the Yijing, Water over Thunder 
  • I have selected these practices because they create both nourishing and new Yang energies that will help balance out the coming Dry-Cold


  • It will be a weekly one and half hour class
  • First class meeting is 21 November 2020
  • Class is held 18:00-19:30 (CET+1 - Swedish time), which is 12-13:30 EST and 09-10:30 PST (in the USA)


  • Each class has a suggested donation of $15 (SEK130 or €13)

How to sign up? 

  • Click the button below to email me and request sign up details
  • Please use the subject line "Mystical Warrior Online Training" if you are interested in practicing in my lineage Qi-field
Email your interest in joining the class

Harmonizing Qi,


Master Zhongxian Wu

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