November 8, 2021

As we move forward, this Newsletter will now feature more stories about your peace-building projects so that the community can see the amazing work you are producing around the wold!

The New Board Chair: Fabio Carballo of Costa Rica

Fabio joined the Rotary Club of San Jose in 1994 and has served in all areas of the Club, with the exception of Treasurer.  
From 1998 to 2014 he represented his country of Costa Rica in the Uniendo America Project Fair.

In 1998 he was a founding member of the RAGCED (Rotary Action Group for Community and Economic Development) and is currently a Director of this RAG.

He is married to Melania Pacheco Pinto and they have four children.  By profession he is a lawyer.  His hobbies include running, having taken part in the New York and Paris Marathons, fishing, photography, swimming, scuba diving.  (In fact, he trained for the Costa Rica Olympic team in fencing!)

Dear Fellow RAGFP Members,
I wanted to introduce myself and give you a brief overview of where we are at the present time.
You probably know that we have undergone some changes of late.  Notably, the departure from the RAGFP of Reem, the Executive Director and also of Anna, the Communications Officer.
We are now in a period of transition.  We are putting together the logistics for our AGM and forthcoming Board Elections (details below).  We too as a Board are formulating a Business Plan which will be aligned to a Strategy for the coming year(s).
At this time, the Directors are all pulling together to keep things moving as much as possible.  Past Char, Alison, has agreed to temporarily help with some of the administration needs.  To this end, she would very much appreciate hearing from you if you have a current peace project (just one brief paragraph with one picture) which she would like to include in the upcoming Members Newsletter.  She too would be interested if you have any global peace event scheduled (a one line description with date and contact details, or send the Flyer).
We will do our best to ensure that we offer a good support and quick turn around to any of your enquiries, submissions etc.  However, we will need to put a few things on hold.  One of which being the update of the Peace Map.  We will work on correcting and updating this as soon as we can.
In the meantime, I would like to assure you all of our continued commitment to you, the RAGFP, Rotary International, and to the furtherance of our mission of Educating/Engaging and Empowering Rotarians in the area of peace.
With very best wishes
Fabio Carballo
Rotary Action Group for Peace – Chair

Call for Nominations to the RAGFP Board

We have not been able to finalize all of the details at the time of this newsletter being sent out.  We will therefore send an additional communication to you, solely dedicated to informing you about the upcoming elections to the RAGFP Board and how you can participate.
Current Peace Projects
It is the desire of all Rotarians to be involved in actual projects. Bellow, you will find details of two such projects (of course, there are many more). Tell us about your project! In this newsletter will find details of upcoming events that you might want to register for or put in your calendar.

Partnering with World Beyond War on a 
Peace Education and Action Program

This program is headed by Peace Fellow Phil Gittins. The program takes ten youth (18 to 35 year old’s) from twelve countries in the world. Each team has a Coordinator and two Rotarian Mentors. The virtual course lasts fourteen weeks- the first six cover many aspects of peace-building, and the last eight weeks has the teams identify, research, and address an issue. 

The countries participating come from South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Venezuela, Colombia, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, USA and Canada. Each student is being sponsored in the amount of $200. This program is being piloted with plans to roll it out again in 2022. 

Further details on the content and possibilities for sponsorship can be found on If you wish to donate through the RAGFP please clearly state what the donation is for and whether you have a preference as to which country you would like to sponsor a student from.

Click to For More Information

Working with Peace Through the Arts Foundation

Headed by Karim Wasfi, this virtual online international Concert was conceived and put together by members of the Tuesday RAGFP Chat team. Contributions were made by acclaimed musicians and orchestras from Georgia, USA, Colorado, USA, Turkey, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia.  

Nine Districts sponsored this event (1150, 2420, 3450. 5280, 5450, 6080, 6920, 6690,9800).  It has raised in excess of $13,000 USD, benefiting Karim Wasfi's work in Iraq, sponsoring twenty youth through the World Beyond War Peace Education and Action for Impact Course and a donation to the Turkey Film Festival on behalf of Rotary International.

This Concert is still accessible until the end of October, together with the possibility for further donations for the work of Karim.   
Check Out The Concert
Share Your Peace Projects

here to tell us about your Peace Projects in 150 words or less and include a small photograph

If you're not a RAGFP member,
 join us today to share your Peace Project on our website.
Recognizing Reem Ghunaim
The RAGFP Board of Directors would like to recognize Reem Ghunaim for her five years
of service to the organization. Reem’s contribution as Executive Director has raised the profile of peace with Rotarians around the world through her creative initiative and resourcefulness.

Her "Together for Peace" series provided our members with the opportunity of hearing and connecting with many varied speakers. She also helped us celebrate, through the Legacy of Peace and Dove Gala, the accomplishments of many Rotarians.

Reem is identifying her next opportunity and we wish her the best of luck and wish her much success in whatever she chooses to do!
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RAGFP Has Also Been Collaborating With

Rotaractor's from Russian and Ukraine

An exciting development from the Building Bridges to Georgia Conference is the work of Dirk Lustig of Ukraine.  He and Alison Sutherland have hosted regular sessions with Rotaractors from Russia and Ukraine.   Iryna Bushmina (Ukraine) and Violetta Alekseeva and Natalia Baranova (Russia) have joined the Committee of the Rotaractors for Peace. Dirk is now hard at work planning a trip for five Russian and five Ukraine Rotaractors to Georgia next year.

A sad note being that one of the founding members of the above initiatives from the Russian Rotaractors was Maria Galkinag.  Despite being confined to a wheel chair she was dynamic and enthusiastic.  Unfortunately following surgery on her back Maria died from a heart attack.  She is very much admired and missed by all.

Launch of African Peacebuilders Initiative

The initiative of African Peacebuilders was launched on Sunday 31st October 2021. The event had as its Speaker, RI Director Elizabeth Usovicz.  She stressed the importance of Peacebuilder Clubs, outlining the progress made in her own District in Missouri by PDG Jacque Howard. 

She expressed the hope that this growth of Peacebuilding Clubs would lead to the formation of a RAGFP Chapter in Missouri.  She went on to say that she welcomed this initiative of bringing all African Peacebuilders together on this Open Space platform.

The leadership team for the initiative is made up of Grace van Zyl, South Africa, Pietro Uzochukwu West Africa, Anne Nkutu, East Africa and Dalia Mosef, North Africa. This is in its early formulative stages of development with a focus on extending, educating and empowering Rotarians in the area of peace by unpacking the content, benefits and resources of the RAGFP, Rotary International and IEP. 

The next meeting will be held on Sunday 14th November, 6.00 p.m. London time.  All are welcome.

Weekly RAGFP Zoom Meetings:  Zoom ID 533 632 6427 (no password)
All times shown in LONDON time.


Monday          09:00 p.m.    Youth Voice with co host Peace Fellow Phil Gittins
                                                On the program Peace Education and Action
                                                For Impact (World Beyond War/RAGFP)
Tuesday         09:00 p.m.     Peace Through the Art of Music
Wednesday    09:00 p.m.   Global Peacebuilders and Peace Builder Clubs networking
Thursday       04:00 p.m.      Rotarians from Turkey working on Rotary Peace Film Festival
                                               “In Search of Peace”
                       09:30 p.m.      Latin America Peacebuilders with co-host Peace Fellow Carolina Zocca
                                              Meeting in Spanish for Spanish speakers esp. Latin America
Friday            02:00 p.m.       Hong Kong Chapter of the Rotary Action Group for Peace

*Launching SundayOctober 31st, 6:00 p.m. African Peacebuilders


Upcoming Events for your Calendar
                   10th November 2021               The Language of Peace I Workshop hosted by Turkey
                   24th November 2021               The Language of Peace II Workshop hosted by Turkey
                   8th December 2021                 Supportive Rotarian Bystander Behaviour hosted by Turkey

Registration Link for the Above Events:
                   19th February 2022                 Film Festival hosted by Turkey (In Search of Peace)
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