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Our PAESTA members have asked, and we have answered! There was a request for the PAESTA website to have a resource that serves as a digital library of online videos teachers use in their classrooms. So many of us have excellent visualizations we use with our students to explain some challenging topics or just to celebrate the wonders of Earth and space. But where can we find these recommendations by/for teachers?

We are thrilled to announce the
PAESTA Favorite Videos section of the PAESTA website!

Each video suggestion, submitted by a PAESTA member, includes a description of the video and the context for its use.
Check out the early submissions to our PAESTA Favorite Videos collection!

We thank PAESTA members for adding some of their "go-to" online videos that showcase particular Earth and/or space science concepts for their students. Our early submissions include videos about how sediment moves in a stream, to a clarification of the terms "weather" and "climate", to answering the question, "why is the solar system flat"?

If there is a particular video topic you are looking for, PAESTA webmaster Eric Aitala has built us an excellent "Search" engine. We currently tag the videos by Earth systems, but users can also search by grade and with any text.

You can visit the PAESTA website and click on the "Resources" menu, then "Favorite Videos". Or you may visit the page directly -
Contribute your own suggested videos to the PAESTA Favorite Videos collection!

The only way this collection can grow and increase in its value is if YOU, our PAESTA membership, submit the videos you have shown and describe how you have used them with your students. It is a very simple online form for you to complete, tested by PAESTA members. In addition, with each video entry, you have the ability to upload a student worksheet or any other handouts you use with the video. No video is too short or too long to suggest, and the context for how you use the video is key for others to implement the resource.
Please log in to the PAESTA website with your free account, and select 'Contribute' then 'Digital Resource' from the top left menu.

Announcement from The Library of Congress - Help Wanted: Using Video Lectures in Science Classrooms

Detecting landslides from space. Big ice sheets doing big things. Biological consequences of nuclear disasters. These are just some of the topics of lectures recorded and provided online for the public by the Library of Congress.

STEM professionals from federal agencies like NASA and USDA, universities like Johns Hopkins and Georgetown, and institutions like the American Museum of Natural History discuss Earth and space science, computer science, and life science. Teachers can bring these diverse voices into classrooms not only to address core disciplinary ideas but also to illustrate the practices of science and engineering.

Join a crowdsourcing effort to identify short clips in hour-long lectures than teachers can plug into a lesson, a flipped classroom, or even a homework assignment. Check out more details here:
Is there a resource or feature we do not have on the PAESTA website that you would like to see? Please share with us what we are not yet providing on the PAESTA website for your teaching, your professional development, and to help you advocate for Earth and space science teaching! Just complete the Contact us form on the PAESTA website, or email us at, and we'll be in touch.
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