Special citizen science opportunity alert for PAESTA members!
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Statewide Streamflow Conditions

Don't forget to check out the USGS Current Water Data for Pennsylvania to view current and historic streamflow records.  To look up other states, begin at:

WANTED - Hurricane Sandy images

GOAL: To create a collection of photos capturing the environmental impacts of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is on its way, and our entire PAESTA membership will be impacted in some way by this "Frankenstorm."  As we did with Hurricane Irene, we would like to create a collection of images for our website showing the flooding, erosion, and impact on Earth's systems from this Category 1 storm.  We welcome photos from all of our PAESTA members in PA, NJ, NY, and other states.

Your safety during this time is a top priority!  Please do not go out in dangerous conditions.  Flash flooding and other hazards will result during and after Hurricane Sandy moves through the region.  Be sure your photos do not contain the faces of any individuals or minor children, as we do not have permission to post those photos online.

To submit your photos:

(1) Visit the PAESTA website Curriculum Submission Form

(2) Fill out your personal information. 

(3) Under the "Curriculum Information" section, type Hurricane Sandy photos in the "Curriculum Title" box, and the location of where you took the photo(s) [GPS coordinates and/or address & zip code] and the date/time the photo was taken in the "Description" box.  If your photos were taken in Pennsylvania, please select yes for "Pennsylvania Related."

(4) Upload your photo files, then hit "Submit."

We will upload the images and web resources to the PAESTA website as they become available.  Learn more about hurricanes by visiting our Diigo list of links.  The following sites by NOAA, NASA, and The New York Times have articles and information about Sandy, but note these links may change once the storm passes and permanent web archives are established.

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