Hey girlies, 

Been quiet here, but wanted to check in with a little proof of life. 
I’ve been trying to write something of substance for you, but tbh I just don’t have it in me to crank out something “thinky” rn. So today you’re getting hit with a good ole Bogs Stream of Consciousness. Enjoy! 

What I've been up to: processing the hellfire news (fuck), teaching myself Adobe (hard), enjoying summer in NYC (a dream), reading books (one to impress myself, and one for levity), watching shows (wow, I forgot what a huge crush I have on Joe Keery, and how have I never seen Veep?), skateboarding a lot, rollerblading even more (I just discovered my average route is 13 miles - go off, self), leaving my friends voice notes (am I annoying?), drinking wine on my terrace, ordering too much takeout, and generally just taking things day by day. 

I hope wherever this finds you you're being kind to yourself and others, enjoying the little things (see #2, below), and taking it easy. These are hard times. I love you, I am so thankful that you continue opening these silly newsletters -- and please know, if you ever need a safe space to talk or scream into the void, I'm just an email away. 

With that, here's a mildly chaotic list of 10 thoughts that felt worthy of shooting off into cyber-space! 

(1) If you need some more fun email content, I'm obsessed with the newsletter After School (Gen Z trends and culture commentary). Subscribe and thank me later!!

(2) My friend Joy and I got coffee the day after Roe v. Wade was overturned. She said something I can’t stop thinking about -
pleasure as a form of resistance. They can take away our rights, but we can’t let them take away our capacity for pleasure & joy.  

(3) Speaking of pleasure and the world ending: I feel the need to confess the recent purchase of a pack of cigarettes, my ultimate summer vice (especially after a few drinks in Dimes Square). Just channeling
this energy, I guess. 

(4) To make myself feel better about #3, I’m re-reading
this book which straight up got me through my breakup last summer. It’s hitting different! 

(5) I am very proud of two playlists I’ve been curating: one called me time, for when I’m feeling moody in the bath, and a second called bring it, for when I’m rollerblading or pregaming for a first date. 

(6) Last week, I did something I haven't done since before the pandemic ... a freakin' SOULCYCLE CLASS. Damn, it felt good. Made me think of this episode of Obsessed, which cracked me up

(7) I just scooped the latest edition of Tidal (!!!), which I was so excited to get my hands on. This magazine has come to mean a lot to me after years of mood-boarding with their editorial spreads. Anna Wolf if you're out there, I love you, and your letter from the editor hit me in the heart.

(8) I recently copped a fresh pair of
birks in my favorite color, and I probs won't wear another pair of shoes for the rest of the summer. 

(9) Speaking of summer uniform, I bought this dress in a few different colors and they've been all I'm reaching for lately. 

(10) I did a very adult thing a few weeks ago and hired a CPA. If you're also trying to enhance your financial wellbeing, take this as a reminder that professionals DO exist to help us girlies out!! 

That’s it, y’all. Have a great July. I’ll be back soon ;) 

From top left:
 Me, Hannah & Mel after cancelling out a yoga class with 5000 margaritas
(2) A little street art that took my breath away
(3) trying a new thing called "Moods 2 Doods" - workshopping some stickers!
(4) just thirst-trapping as a Hot Girl Who Skateboards :')
Is it just me, or is everyone talking about Dieux

This has caused me to develop a major girl crush on 
Charlotte Palermino, and I'm dying to be one of the girlies rocking the forever eye mask at the airport.

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