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Economics and Business Educators of NSW

From the President - Joe Alvaro

29  April 2015

Dear EBE NSW Members,

Economics and Business Educators NSW 2015 Annual Conference – 15 May 2015

The 2015 EBE NSW Annual Conference is fast approaching and will be held on Friday 15 May 2015 from 8.45am – 4.00pm at Club Burwood RSL (96 Shaftesbury Road Burwood). This is the highlight event in NSW for teachers of Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Commerce. Come along and increase your understanding of the subject matter you teach, improve your teaching skills and increase student learning outcomes through quality professional development. You will also be able to return to your school and up-skill other staff members. There will be opportunities to engage in professional growth through shared practice and honest dialogue with other teachers. Exhibitors will also be displaying resources useful for the classroom. Register now and take advantage of the early bird rates.

>> Full conference program and registration form

Any organisaton that would like to be an exhibitor at the 2015 EBE NSW Annual Conference or inform delegates about their resources by distributing flyers at the conference, please contact

EBE NSW 2015 Annual Conference Professional Development Travel Grants

Are you a teacher from a rural area of NSW and a financial member of EBE NSW? EBE NSW is funding the full conference registration fee and a contribution to travel expenses (up to $500) for two teachers from a remote area of NSW. Teachers who wish to apply are asked to email EBE NSW a statement of 500 words or less outlining the expected benefits and learnings to be gained by attending the conference and networking with other teachers, and how those learnings would be shared with teachers from your school/region.

Applications should be emailed to no later than 4 May 2015. Applicants should include their name, school, address, email address, BOSTES number (if applicable) and EBE membership number. All applicants should ensure that they have their principal's permission to attend the conference.

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Business Studies for the first time?” – 27 February 2015

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Business Studies for the first time?” – 27 February 2015

Year 11 Business Studies teachers attended the all day BOSTES NSW endorsed EBE NSW “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Business Studies for the first time?” all day conference on 27 February 2015. Conference sessions included:
- “Unpacking the Year 11 course syllabus requirements/Planning/Programming”
- “Effective teaching strategies and resources”
- “Using business case studies (including excursion ideas)”
- “NSW BOSTES assessment requirements/Effective assessment strategies/Sample tasks”
- “Preparing for the HSC – Business reports and HSC style questions”
Teachers also participated in workshops based on the above sessions. There was also a presentation by a student from Knox Grammar School who gave teachers a student perspective re the teaching of the Preliminary Business Studies course.

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Business Studies for the first time?” – 27 February 2015

Some feedback received from participants included:
- “Excellent, practical resources and advice.”
- “The presentation introduced me to a lot of new resources and techniques I could use to make learning more student centred.”
- “Gave me some good ideas that I can implement at my school.”
- “Beneficial discussion with other Business Studies teachers.”
- “Excellent on specifics of tackling exams and strategies to improve student outcomes.”
- “Outstanding!”

Thank you to the presenters at this event:
-  Andrew Athavle (William Carey Christian School/EBE NSW Director)
-  Cheryl Brennan (Illawarra Christian School/ EBE NSW Vice President)
-  Maria Jobson (Knox Grammar School)
-  Glenn Walker (Knox Grammar School)
-  Brooke Prideaux (NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards)

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Business Studies for the first time?” – 27 February 2015

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time?” – 11 March 2015

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time?” – 11 March 2015
Year 11 Economics and Business Studies teachers attended the BOSTES NSW endorsed “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time?” EBE NSW PD event on 11 March 2015.   Participants were teachers beginning to teach the current BOSTES NSW Preliminary Economics and Legal Studies courses. The event was also open to teachers who wanted a refresher course. Participants were able to hear about effective teaching and learning strategies designed to engage students, current developments in their subject area and assessment procedures and techniques, and receive some teaching and learning resources to take back to their classroom. Presenters were experienced subject experts. Karl Pico (Auburn Girls High School), Kate Dally (EBE NSW Vice President/Birrong Girls High School) and Anna Tsoutsa (EBE NSW Director/Auburn Girls High School) presented the Economics session and I presented the Legal Studies session.

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time?” – 11 March 2015
 Some feedback received from participants included:
- “Karl did an excellent job of showing how the syllabus is structured and how we can most productively use yr.11 to lay the groundwork for yr. 12.”
- “Resources amazing.”
- “Thank you for your knowledgeable advice throughout tonight. Look forward to your next event.”
- “Excellent – great advice and things we can take into a classroom.”
Engineers tell us that 50% of construction is in the foundation stages. Effective teaching and learning also depends on the quality of the teaching and learning that has occurred in previous stages. We are confident that this course will help teachers improve student learning outcomes in their classrooms as they teach the Preliminary foundation courses and as they build on this in term 4, when the HSC courses begin. EBE NSW will hold the HSC equivalent of this course - “Teaching HSC Course (Year 12) in Business Studies, Economics or Legal Studies Courses for the First Time? on 17 August 2015. 

EBE PD Event – “Teaching the Preliminary course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time?” – 11 March 2015

EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015

EBE NSW PD Event -  “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015

Commerce teachers came together on 1 April 2015 to complete the BOSTES NSW endorsed   “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” EBE NSW PD course. We see Commerce as an important course in schools as it is one of the ways financial literacy is taught to young people, thus making a contribution to a financially literate community which leads to a more prosperous society for all. Participants gained fresh insights into the BOSTES NSW Commerce syllabus and reflected on and improved their Commerce teaching strategies. The course provided participants with opportunities for collegial discussions and the sharing of ideas and resources. The course also enabled participants to hear from two students from Knox Grammar School, Sam Clarke and David Taylor, who spoke about what they thought about the Commerce course and their learning experiences.  Thank you to all participants who sent in a teaching and learning resource to share/swap with other participants.

Knox Grammar School students speak to Commerce teachers at the EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” on 1st April 2015
“Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” was presented by EBE Vice – President Kate Dally, EBE NSW Director Matt Bookallil, EBE NSW Director Nicholas Ward and myself. Thank you to all presenters who generously shared their expertise with the participants.
EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015
Some feedback received from participants included:
- “Great opportunity to interact with teachers from all school sectors and experience levels.”
- “I love the resource sharing. A huge thank you from a new teacher!”
- “Great networking opportunity.”
- “Very informative, will help me a great deal with my classes.”
- “Having the Knox Grammar students present was quite good – good to hear from students who have been through the course.”

EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015

EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015

EBE NSW PD Event - “Revamping and Resourcing Commerce” – 1st April 2015

Victoria Commercial Teachers Association PD Event – Webinar: “Flipped Learning - making it your business: Why it works, how to go about it, samples to take away” - 19 May 2015, 28 July 2015, 25 August 2015 and 27 October 2015.

VCTA are holding a webinar on “Flipped Learning: the what, why, how and when”. The course consists of four sessions of 60-90 minutes duration each commencing at 5.30pm EST: 19 May 2015, 28 July 2015, 25 August 2015 and 27 October 2015.

>> More information at

Teachers from NSW are welcome to attend this PD event.

Victoria Commercial Teachers Association PD Event – Legal Studies Canberra Immersion

6 September 2015 to 8 September 2015.

VCTA are holding a Legal Studies Canberra Immersion PD event on 6 September 2015 to 8 September 2015.

Teachers from NSW are welcome to attend this PD event.
>> More information at

Save these dates - Business Educators Australasia Biennial National Conference 2016 – “Thinking, Teaching, Doing Business”- 29 September 2016 – 30 September 2016

The BEA national biennial conference – “Thinking, Teaching, Doing Business” will be held on 29 September 2016 and 30 September 2016 at West Point Convention Centre in Hobart, Tasmania.

Visit the BEA website at to join the mailing list for regular updates (Go to “Events”, then “Conferences”).

Unique scholarship opportunity for teachers of Commerce, Economics or Business Studies

As a result of the generous support of First State Super, applications are invited for the NSW Premier's First State Super Financial Literacy Scholarship. This $15,000 scholarship involves organisation of a study tour either within Australia or overseas, to investigate and report on effective teaching strategies for financial literacy. Research is to be completed by June 2016.

Applications close Friday 1 May 2015

See the awards website for further information (select Premier's Teacher Scholarships from left-hand menu) and/or contact the Premier’s Scholarships Secretariat on (02) 9836 9032 or (02) 9836 9169 for further information. This is a fabulous opportunity. EBE Director Cheryl Brennan is a past scholarship recipient. EBE NSW is happy to provide further advice to teacher members who are interested in applying. Also see the article “Premier’s First State Super Financial Literacy Scholarship 2013 - Elena Gray, St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas” in the latest issue of “The EBE Journal”.   Email us at should you require assistance. 

2015 EBE NSW Trial HSC Examinations

The order form for the 2015 EBE NSW Trial HSC Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies examination papers available on the EBE NSW website.. Relevant past papers are also available for purchase. The examination papers have been designed by EBE Directors and include suggested answers and marking guidelines. Special discount prices apply to members of EBE NSW.

>> Order form for 2015 Trial HSC papers

HSC Student Lectures

1. Economics and Business Educators NSW will present the following HSC student lectures at the 2015 HSC and Careers Expo:
- “HSC Legal Studies – Exam preparation” on 31 May 2015 (Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney)
- “HSC Business Studies – Exam preparation” on 31 May 2015 (Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney)
>> More information at

EBE NSW will also present the following HSC student lectures at the 2015 Western Sydney Careers Expo:
- “HSC Legal Studies – Exam preparation” on 21 June 2015 (Sydney Showground, Sydney)
- “HSC Business Studies – Exam preparation” on 21 June 2015(Sydney Showground, Sydney)
>> More information at
2. Academic Attainment is holding the following HSC Economics student lectures at the University of Sydney:
- The Global Economy and Australia’s Place in the Global Economy – 5 July 2015
- Economic Issues, Policies and Management – 7 July 2015

Academic Attainment is also holding the following HSC Business Studies student lectures at the University of Sydney:
-  Report Writing/Marketing/Operations – 1 July 2015
-  Extended Response Writing/Finance/Human Resources – 3 July 2015

>> Email for more details.

3. Economic Literacy Centre is holding the following HSC Business Studies student lectures:

-  Trial HSC Revision and Review of the 2014 HSC Exam
    - 3rd June 2015 at Callaghan College, Newcastle
    - 12th June 2015 at Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney

>> Email for more information.

4. The Western Sydney Social Sciences Teachers Association (WeSSSTA) is holding the following HSC student lectures at Penrith High School, Sydney:
- 2015 Business HSC Student Lectures – 29 May 2015 at Penrith High School, Sydney
- 2015 Economics HSC Student Lectures – 13 June 2015 at Penrith High School, Sydney

>> More information at

5.  The Legal Studies Association (LSA) is holding the following HSC student lectures:
- 2015 Legal Studies HSC Student Lectures – Saturday 18 July 2015 at Westmead Education and Conference Centre 
        - Session 1 - 8:30am - 12:30pm 
        - Session 2 (repeat of Session 1) - 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

>> More details at

6. The University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education is holding the following HSC preparation courses during the end of Term 2 school holidays:
- HSC Business Studies Preparation Course (Part 3) – Monday 29 June   2015 – Friday 3 July 2015 – 1.30pm – 5.00pm
- HSC Economics Preparation Course (Part 3) - Monday 29 July 2015 – Friday 3 July 2014 – 9am – 12.30pm
- HSC Legal Studies Preparation Course (Part 3) - 1 week course. This course will focus on the “Consumers” option for the first part of the week and the “Family” option for the second part of the week.

>> More information at

7. The Australian Catholic University will hold the following HSC student lectures
- Business Studies – 9 July 2015 (North Sydney campus)
- Legal Studies – 9 July 2015 (North Sydney campus)
- Economics – 2 July 2015 (Strathfield campus)
>> More details here

Raising university entry standards for future teachers

NSW school leavers entering teaching degrees in 2016 will need to achieve three band five results, HSC Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced on 2 January 2015 in a media release titled “Raising university entrance standards for future teachers” (2 January 2015). “This year school leavers in NSW will need three band five HSC results, one of which must be in English, to be offered a place in a teaching degree in NSW. It is important that Year 12 students interested in starting a teaching degree in 2016 are aware of these changes”, Mr Piccoli said.Mr Piccoli said the NSW Government is strengthening school leaver entry requirements to teaching degrees in NSW as part of the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms. “From 2016, teacher education students in NSW will also need to pass literacy and numeracy tests before they start their final professional placement,” Mr Piccoli said. 

>> Read the full media at "Raising university entry standards for future teachers - NSW" here.

ASX Schools Sharemarket Game – Game 1, 2015
Game 1 of the 2015 ASX Schools Sharemarket Game ends on 20 May 2015. Remind your students to continue making their buying and selling decisions.

Game 2 begins on 20 August 2015.

>> More information at

2015 Money Stuff Challenge

The 2015 Money Stuff Challenge is run by the NSW Department of Fair Trading and enables students to enhance their understanding of the concepts and terms in the Commerce syllabus. Entries due by 31 July 2015 (online) and 24 July 2015 (postal entries).

>> More information at

CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

The CPA Australia Plan Your Own Enterprise competition encourages secondary school students to apply their business education to a real life scenario. Participants are asked to devise a creative enterprise idea and submit a business plan, explaining how their great idea could become a profitable business.

>> More information at: 

“$20 Boss” - Opportunity for students to run a business

Like our EBE membership and NSW teachers, The Foundation for Young Australians are relentlessly optimistic about the potential of our nation’s young people. FYA collaborates with partners to deliver innovative programs embedded in evidence based research.
“$20 Boss”  is the ultimate start-up challenge for school students. Developed to spark creativity, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, this program gives every student a chance to build a small business from the ground up, tapping into their incredible potential. The program gives secondary school students twenty dollars to start their own business, then through hands-on experience these mini-entrepreneurs will plan, budget, market and run their business idea building innovation, enterprise and financial literacy skills in the process.

The $20 Boss initiative is part of Foundation for Young Australian’s Unlimited Potential commitment to young Australians to back young people to contribute and lead change. This important initiative is also supported by The Victorian Government as a founding partner, NAB in their commitment to supporting small business in Australia and our friends at Education Changemakers as they unleash teacher-led innovation. To find out more or register your Commerce, Economics, Business Studies and Legal Studies students for this wonderful opportunity, visit

Education Changemakers are also giving a team of 5 teachers the opportunity to attend EC15, a national gathering of innovative teachers. Just select Education Changemakers from the drop down menu when registering your school for $20 Boss to be in the running.

National Law Week – 11- 15 May 2015

>> Visit for more information.

National Law Week Seminar for Legal Studies students – 11 May 2015

The Chief Justice of New South Wales, the Honourable T F Bathurst invites Legal Studies students and teachers to an interactive seminar, in celebration of Law Week on Monday, 11 May 2015 from 9.00 am to 10.30 am in the Banco Court Level 13, Law Courts Building, 184 Phillip Street, Sydney.
The seminar will discuss the following two topics:
1 Judging: How the law is responding to social media
2 Sentencing: How to accommodate competing objectives
The panel members for the seminar are: the Honourable Chief Justice, the Honourable President Beazley of the Court of Appeal, the Honourable Justice McCallum, the Honourable Justice Hamill and the Honourable Justice Wilson.
RSVP and questions for the panel must be sent by email to: before 4 May 2015.
The seminar will be streamed live online at
Teachers are encouraged to submit questions on behalf of their students even if they are unable to attend the seminar.

ASIC’s “Be MoneySmart” online learning resource

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has launched “Be MoneySmart” an online training resource to help Australian apprentices, trainees and other students in vocational education and training improve their financial literacy.  

The resource covers five topics:
  • Saving, budgeting and spending
  • Personal tax
  • Superannuation
  • Debt management
  • Insurance.
To support learning, each module is accompanied by a student workbook with activities and an assessor/trainer guide. Each module features real life examples and video case studies of young people from a range of occupations.
Could you use this material with your Commerce students?

ASIC's “Be MoneySmart” resource is available free of charge from ASIC's MoneySmart website ( Go to “Helping apprentices to be moneysmart”.

“Willing to Work: A National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australian and Australians with Disability” national inquiry underway

The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a national inquiry into employment discrimination against older Australians and people with disability.

Willing to Work: A National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australian and Australians with Disability will deliver its report by July 2016.

The inquiry is being conducted at the request of Attorney-General George Brandis and is led by the Age and Disability Commissioner, Susan Ryan.

More information at the Australian Human Rights Commission website.

“Kids Helpline Insights 2014” report reveals what worries our children

The “ Kids Helpline Insights 2014” report ( available on the Kids Helpline website) is essential to understanding the needs of Australian children and youth in distress, according to National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell. “The Kids Helpline report reveals that suicide-related concerns are one of the top five issues children and young people contacted Kids Helpline about last year,” said Commissioner Mitchell. Kids Helpline operates seven days per week, 24 hours per day, via the toll-free phone number 1800 55 1800 or online at

The University of Sydney Free Public Lecture

China's 3 Dreams: Film screening and panel discussion 
Screening will be followed by a panel discussion with award – winning director Nick Torrens.
Date: Monday 4 May 2015
Time: 4pm – 6.30pm
Venue: The University of Sydney
Cost: Free with registration required

>> More information and to register:

Asia Education Foundation Study Programmes to Asia

Discover Indonesia
Dates: 27 September to 3 October 2015

>> More information at: Go to “Programmes", then "Study Programmes to Asia"

Economics and Business News Bites

1. Westpac Economic Update: 24 April 2015
Westpac Senior Economist Elliot Clarke comments on the CPI report's benign outcome for Q1, and inflation a key topic from RBA's April meeting minutes. Plus, next week focusing overseas on the US GDP.

>> Click here to access the update on video (accessed on 26 April 2015).

The world changes every day. The markets are even faster. 
It's hard to stay ahead of the markets, which is why Westpac Chief Economist Bill Evans and his team produce this bite-sized roundup of the week's economic news and events, with clear analysis and insight plus the outlook for the week ahead. No topic is too tricky or hard to follow - in this weekly broadcast the team talk about events that will make a difference to your bottom line, the economy and the nation.

About Bill Evans
William (Bill) Evans is a graduate of the University of Sydney and the London School of Economics. He has worked as a Research Manager for the Reserve Bank of Australia, Treasurer at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and prior to joining Westpac in 1991, was Director and Head of Financial Markets at Schroders Australia Limited for 8 years. At Westpac he is Managing Director & Global Head of Economics & Research. 

2. Australia’s unemployment rate decreases
Australia's estimated seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March 2015 was 6.1 per cent, compared with a revised 6.2 per cent for February 2015 .This represented a decrease of less than 0.1 percentage points.

The seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate increased to 64.8 per cent in March 2015 from 64.7 per cent in February 2015.

* Reference: › ABS Home › Statistics › By Catalogue Number (accessed on 26 April 2015)
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Economics HSC Syllabus (2009) – Topic 3- Economic Issues

3. Apple cannot trademark “app store”
The Registrar of Trade Marks refused registration of Apple's "app store" trademark in 2013 because it was too descriptive. Apple then appealed this decision in the Federal Court. Microsoft also objected to Apple owning the trademark. In 2014 Justice David Yates, in Australia’s Federal Court ruled that Apple's appeal be dismissed and that it pay the court costs of the Registrar of Trade Marks. While the ruling doesn't prevent Apple from continuing to use the term "app store", it means that Apple does not have the right in Australia to prevent others from using it.

* Reference: “Apple loses appeal to trademark ‘app store’ in Australia” by Ben Grubb in The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 December 2014
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Business Studies HSC Syllabus (2010) – Topic 2: Marketing – Influences on marketing

4. Italian candyman dies
Italy's richest man, Michele Ferrero who headed up a chocolate empire of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder eggs and Tic Tac sweets, passed away in February, 2015. His personal wealth has been estimated at up to $26bn (£16.88bn). Ferrero buys up 25% of the world's production of hazelnuts.

* Reference: Nutella billionaire Michele Ferrero 'the richest candyman on the planet' dies aged 89” by Fiona Keating in International Business Times (UK Edition), 15 February 2015
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Business Studies HSC Syllabus (2010) – Topic 2: Marketing

Legal News Bites

1. 2015 NSW Election Results
 Mike Baird's Liberal/National Coalition has retained government in New South Wales w following the 2015 NSW Election. The lower house (Legislative Assembly) now looks like this:
- Liberal/National Coalition: 54 members
- Labor: 34 members
- Greens: 3 members
- Independent: 2 members
The NSW Cabinet includes the state's first female Treasurer, Gladys Berejiklian, and first female Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton. 

Following the 2015 NSW Election, the Upper House (Legislative Council) now looks like this:
  • Liberal/National Coalition: 20 members
  • Labor: 12 members
  • Greens: 5 members
  • Christian Democratic Party : 2 members
  • Shooters and Fishers Party: 2 members
  • Animal Justice Party: 1 member
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Commerce Syllabus (2003) – Option 6: Political Involvement
2. Inquiry votes NO for electronic voting
Brazil has used electronic voting machines since 2000. In Australia we still vote with a pencil and paper and then the votes are counted manually. The Australian Parliament Electoral Matters Committee has tabled its second interim report on its inquiry into the conduct of the 2013 federal election: “An assessment of electronic voting options”. The report says that at the moment electronic voting is not a feasible option in Australia and will not happen for the next federal election.

* Reference: “About The House – The Official Magazine of the House of Representatives”, February 2015
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Commerce Syllabus (2003) – Option 6: Political Involvement
3. Update - R vs Silva (2014)
Jessica Silva who stabbed her abusive former partner to death will appeal her manslaughter conviction. Her lawyer said "we believe it should have been a complete acquittal. We believe it was a straight out self-defence case. And that's why we're appealing.”

See an interview with Jessica Silva (19 April 2015) on the “60 Minutes” channel 9 TV program website.
* Reference: “Jessica Silva to appeal manslaughter conviction” in The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 April 2015
* Syllabus link: BOSTES NSW Legal Studies Syllabus (2009) – Core Part I: Crime

Latest issue of “The EBE Journal - Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW” now available

The latest issue of "The EBE Journal" (Issue 2 - 2014) is available in the members section of the website. Articles include:
  • President’s Report – Joe Alvaro 
  • EBE NSW News 
  • Economics and Business News Bites - Compiled by Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore 
  • Legal News Bites - Compiled by Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore 
  • Educating the Final Filter Lessons from Centro regarding Financial Literacy for Company Directors - Philip Ross – Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Western Sydney 
  • Implications of the Global Financial Crisis - Dr Wilson Sy 
  • The Problem with a Living Wage - James Morley, Professor of Economics and Associate Dean (Research) at UNSW Australia Business School 
  • The effect of globalisation on secondary and tertiary business education - Trent Pohlmann BSc (Hons) MBA, Head of the S P Jain School of Global Management’s Sydney Campus 
  • Economists’ Statement on Commonwealth Budgetary and Economic Priorities September 2014 
  • Explaining the business world in HSC extended responses - Trish Weekes, Senior Lecturer in Literacy Education Australian Catholic University 
  • Year 9 Commerce Travel Task – You be the travel agent - Kate Dally, Birrong Girls High School
  • Using Oral Presentations as an Assessment Technique with a Sample Assessment Task for the Commerce Topic – Employment Issues - Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore 
  • How many students studied HSC Economics, HSC Business Studies and HSC Legal Studies in 2014? - Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore 
  • ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 2, 2014 - Amanda Mior, Sharemarket Game Coordinator 
  • 2014 Commonwealth Bank Foundation Teaching Award Winners 
  • Premier’s First State Super Financial Literacy Scholarship 2013 - Elena Gray, St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas 
  • Australian International School Teacher Profile - Don Sommerville, Australian International School, Hong Kong 
  • President’s Report to the 2014 Economics and Business Educators NSW Annual General Meeting (1 December 2014) 
  • Economics and Business Educators NSW Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2014

A call for articles for “The EBE Journal”

Would you like your article published in “The EBE Journal”?

Articles are welcome from academics and teachers of Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Commerce.  Contributing to the journal is one way for teachers to demonstrate the national professional teaching standards at any of the four career stages – Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead. It is also an effective way to engage in professional dialogue and sharing with other teachers. All sources are acknowledged and copies of published articles can be attached to your C.V.
All articles and/or enquires should be directed to:
The Editor
Economics and Business Educators NSW
3B Smalls Road Ryde NSW 2112
Phone: (02) 9886 7786
Fax: (02) 9886 7673

>> Please ensure that all tables, diagrams and figures included with your paper are of a suitable quality for reproduction.

Past issues of "The EBE Journal"

Past issues of "The EBE Journal" are available on the members section of EBE NSW website and contain some useful teaching and learning resources. For example in “The EBE Journal” (Issue 1, 2012) there is an article titled “Games that enhance learning in Economics” by EBE NSW Director, Professor John Lodewijks.

EBE NSW Helpdesk

As always EBE NSW Directors are available for advice and assistance to members in relation to the teaching and learning of Business Studies, Commerce, Economics and Legal Studies.
Joe Alvaro
President — Economics and Business Educators NSW

Looking back

1 April 1778 – The "$" symbol is created by Irish-born New Orleans businessman Oliver Pollock.
1 April 1976 – Telecom introduced International Subscriber Dialling, enabling Australians to dial overseas numbers directly for the first time.
4 April 1841 – After 31 days in office, US president William Harrison dies from pneumonia, becoming the first president to die in office. He was 68 years when inaugurated, the oldest president to take office until Ronald Reagan in 1981.
4 April 1968 – Civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., 39, is assassinated.
* See “Tom Clay – What the world needs now” video‎
4 April 2007 – NSW Liberal Members of Parliament elect Barry O’Farrell, 47, unopposed as Opposition Leader.
7 April 1998 – Patrick Stevedore sacks its 1400 wharfies at 17 docks around Australia, using guards with dogs to drive them off the docks, and replaces them with non-union labour. The wharfies had been holding rolling strikes.
12 April 1853 – First U.S. truancy law - New York enacts a $50 fine for parents of children between the ages of 5 and 15 who miss school.
15 April 1955 – McDonald's Ray Kroc opens his first McDonald's. It was the ninth restaurant in the chain. He eventually bought out the McDonald brothers.              
17 April 2000 – The dotcom crash of high-technology stocks wipes $36 billion off the value of Australia shares in one day.
19 April 1982 – The Supreme Court overrules NSW Youth and Community Services minister, Kevin Stewart, to allow a 15 year old ward of the state to have an abortion.
19 April 1991 – The Australian Council of Trade Unions abandons centralised wage fixing in favour of direct negotiations with employers after a 2.5 per cent pay rise is handed down but rejected as too little.
23 April 1995 – Pay TV was launched in Australia by the Galaxy network, which had 5000 subscribers at the time.
28 April 1996 – Worst peace-time massacre by a single gunman on record occurs, when Martin Bryant shoots dead 35 people at Port Arthur, Tasmania.
* See the “60 Minutes” story “- A Mother’s Burden (Martin Bryant Story) at

Quick statistic from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census

In Australia 17.6% of single parents were male and 82.4% were female.

Did you know?

* On the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW website under “Years 7- 10 Syllabuses – HSIE – Commerce” there is a “Commerce Years 7-10 Advice on Programming and Assessment” document which includes sample units of work and assessment tasks on the Commerce topics, “Consumer Choice” and “Political Action”.

* There is over $18 billion worth of lost and unclaimed super waiting to be found.
- From “Super Guru – Sorting Out Your Super” (Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia), September 2014

Attitude to money

“As you get older it’s good to know about finances so you don’t get into trouble. When I get a job I’m definitely going to save half my wages and spend the other half.”
- Matt Suric, Year 9 student
(Quoted in “StartSmart Impact Report” by Commonwealth Bank Foundation)


“The important thing is not to stop questioning."
- Albert Einstein, German-American theoretical physicist

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