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From Our Blog
Are Your Collectibles Covered by Insurance?
So, you’ve got an Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book – the first appearance of Stan Lee’s Spider Man in a safe from when you were just a kid. What you probably know is that this item can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, but what you probably don’t understand is what happens if that item is lost, stolen or destroyed by a disaster in your home. Continue Reading...
How to Really Save Money on Car Insurance

For years we have all been flooded with auto insurance commercials talking about various discounts offered in the insurance industry for auto insurance. There are the standard ones: multi-policy, multi-vehicle, etc., but there maybe some other discounts that drivers are not aware of. We have compiled some of the additional insurance discounts offered by various insurance companies. Could you be saving money with these discounts? Be sure to ask us about special discounts that may apply to your specific situation. These discounts vary by state, so it is best left to your agent at First Rate Insurance to let you know which ones apply. Continue Reading...
We Appreciate Your Referrals!

Your referrals mean the world to us!  We work hard to earn each referral with great service and appreciation for your business every day. As our way of saying thank you, we’re kicking off our new “Help Our Community” referral program. We love supporting the charitable efforts in our community, so we’ve tied referrals and charitable giving together. 

Here’s how it works:

Each time we receive a referral from you, your name is entered into our monthly and annual referral drawings. What qualifies as a referral? A referral is when we get a call for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us.  

For every referral we receive we will send you a FREE Starbucks’s coffee card for $5.00; and donate $10 to the (American Lung Cancer organization.)

We hold a monthly drawing from all the names of people that referred someone to us.

For our monthly drawing, the monthly prize is $25 to the winner and $25 to the charity of the winner’s choice. Each referral equals one entry into our monthly drawing. We’ll announce who won in our quarterly newsletter.

If you are the monthly winner, we’ll ask you the charity of your choice so we can donate $25.00. For our annual drawing, the annual prize is $250 and is given to the charity of the winner’s choice. If your name is drawn, we hope you’ll join us to deliver this to your favorite charity! Each referral you’ve given throughout the year equals one entry for our annual drawing.

That’s it. The person you refer doesn’t have to purchase a policy. There are many worthy charitable organizations in our community. Help us help them!

Our referral program is open to anyone, whether they’re a client or not.
Previous Winners:

June – Elizabeth Stout

Charity: Anacortes Salmon Derby Day Scholarship Fund

July – David Lao
Charity: Seattle Children’s Hospital

August – Jessica Adair
Charity: Cancer Lifeline
From Ken's Office
It is hard to believe summer is behind us and winter is right around the corner...Are you ready? All right, so maybe you have a bit of time, but now is the time to start preparing.

Here’s my quick list of priorities to get done ASAP:
  • Disconnect garden hoses from spigots. Even better if you can turn off water to the spigot from inside the house.
  • Do you have any water pipes that travel near the back of a cabinet? If so, open that cabinet door on the super chilly days/nights so the ambient heat from the house can get back there to keep pipes from freezing.
  • Insulate any exposed pipes. 
  • Don’t turn off your furnace completely. Set your minimum temperature to 55° or higher to help ensure that the interior of the wall cavities does not drop below freezing.
  • Have your wood stove or chimney cleaned out once a year if you use them on a regular basis. The soot can build up and can catch fire.
  • Remove any overhanging trees or branches that are touching or close to touching your house.
  • If you’re not buddies with your neighbors, do so now. Give them a zucchini/salmon/cold beer or simply say hello and introduce yourself. It’s always nice to let the neighbors know when you’ll be out of town for an overnight trip. If they see a moving van backed up to your house or anything else out of the ordinary, have them call your cell phone to discuss. You can do the same for them. Let them know that if you don’t answer, have them call 911.
  • Install exterior lighting that turns on automatically when it’s dark out. Use a new LED bulb and it will only cost you pennies a day to leave on. If you were a burglar, would you go to the house with lights, or without.
I have also included an article on boat winterization since that is one of the last things of summer that should be done.  Believe it or not, we typically get a call or two at the beginning of every summer from customers with engine block damage from freezing. Unfortunately, freezing damage to your engine is not covered 99 times out of 100. 

What am I missing? Anyone have any true life stories they want to share?  Go to our Facebook account to share your story.
Ken Martin
Boat Winterization

Tucking your boat in for the winter? For boat enthusiasts everywhere, the end of boating season can be disappointing because on-the-water adventures are about to come to an end and the task of winterization is about to begin.

As you know, taking the time to protect your watercraft through the winter requires an investment of time, labor and money. While winterization is an absolute imperative that can help prevent irreversible damage, think of the process not as a chore, but a chance to dream about next spring when you'll be ready to go afloat on Lake Washington, Lake Chelan or Puget Sound.

To help you get started, we at First Rate Insurance Plus have compiled two essential steps to follow.

1. Find the best storage place indoors or outdoors. If possible, find a place to have your boat spend the winter out of water and well out of the way of inclement weather. If you are storing your boat outdoors, check on the level of security. For example: Is there security personnel on duty? Is it a locked facility? And if your boat will be exposed to the elements over the winter, make sure it is shrink-wrapped by a professional.

2. Be thorough in winterizing or find a professional. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, the steps to winterizing your boat can be easily found via many online resources.Your boat's owner's manual also could be a great help, as most will include detailed winterization instructions.

Regardless where you get the details, you will ensure a better start come next boating season if you follow a comprehensive checklist now to get your boat ready for winter. If you're opting out of the do-it-yourself
category and instead trusting the pros, you'll want to find a shop that specializes in winterization. Get an appointment well in advance of the assault of inclement weather. To find the best option, consider getting a reference from a fellow boating enthusiast. Regardless of how you choose to prepare your prized watercraft for the frigid days of winter, we at First Rate Insurance Plus hope you enjoy the cooler season as you await the return of spring!