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Check out the Skagit County Wine & Beer Festival this November!

Saturday November 16th from  4 p.m. to 8 p.m. the Skagit County Wine & Beer Festival will showcase brews and sips from around Washington! Appetizers, chees pairings and chocolates will also be featured. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce website.

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Typically when we think of things like wildfires or snowstorms, we confine them to seasons. Not all natural disasters are season specific and events like massive rainstorms can occur with the right conditions any time of year. Keeping a flood insurance policy, even if you are not in a high-risk area may be a good idea...
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Let’s face it; auto insurance can be confusing, especially when it comes to insuring new vehicles. When trying to look up information surrounding auto insurance in Mount Vernon, WA, the internet can be full of myths and misinformation. If you are trying to disseminate fact from fiction the experts at Wycoff Insurance Agency can help. We have compiled some common insurance myths and facts; we like to think of it as our own insurance version of Mythbusters...
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Have a plan for home improvement

        We’ve all watched a DIY show and thought “I could totally do that,” right? When it comes to repainting a bedroom or replacing the kitchen countertops you are probably good to go, but taking on more complex (and expensive) projects like a bathroom remodel or home expansion might require the handiwork of licensed professionals.

Do your research

  • Know what type of improvements you would like to make, have a list of ideas and have a predetermined budget.
  • Certain projects, like adding an additional bathroom or removing a wall may require a permit. Contact the Building Department in your county to see what types of permits may be necessary.
  • Check out reputable contractors via the Better Business Bureau. Get quotes from at least three companies and choose the company you are the most comfortable with. Ask the company to provide proof of insurance and licensing.
  • Let your insurance agent know that you are going to be adding improvements or remodeling your home. They can let you know if certain projects will adjust the cost of your home insurance premium.
Plan ahead
  • Some home improvement decisions can be made overnight. “Let’s upgrade the front door,” or “I think the garden could use some additional flowers,” are easy, quick decisions to make, but not all home improvement projects are created equally. If your home is about to become filled with workers, dust and noise, make sure you take steps to help your family during this exciting, but probably somewhat stressful time.
  • Projects can run long and over budget if you are not careful. Don’t stretch yourself too thin with your budget, leave wiggle room for unexpected expenses or additional ideas.
  • Know what you are willing to do yourself: painting, staining, etc.. Leave the heavy hitting portions of the project like plumbing, flooring, electrical and framing to the professionals.
  • Document everything! If something goes wrong during the project make sure that you document the issue, like a burst pipe or new shower faucets that leak, and what steps the contractor took to fix it, you will need this in the event you face these problems in the future and need to make a claim either to the contractor or your homeowner’s insurance.
Home improvement projects are a big undertaking and they do not always go according to plan, but having a plan, hiring a contractor and only DIY-ing what you know you can do can help save you from a costly homeowner’s insurance claim. Have questions about your remodel potentially impacting your homeowner’s insurance policy? Give us a call!
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