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We're growing! Meet our newest agents!

Chris Eddy

Chris is a newly licensed insurance agent, but has spent the last 18 years in the customer service field. He was born in California, but has lived in Washington most of his life and graduated from Sumner High School. He lives with his wife Janet, son Connor and two cats, Loki and Isis. When he is not working on his new house, he is gaming.  

Ashley Hutton

Ashley is a true Seattlelite born and raised in the beautiful Pacific NW. She graduated from Liberty High and lives right in the heart of the Eastside with her boyfriend Efren and two fur babies Nova & Shortcake. Ashley spends her free time taking trips into Seattle or heading down to the waterfront for a day of sightseeing or sauntering into the woods for a nature walk with her dog. She is also a local artist & die hard home team fan. *Go Seahawks! Oh & bring back my Sonics!*  Art of any kind has always been her passion. There isn’t one particular medium that she focuses in. It’s just whatever grabs her attention and inspires her at that moment in time. She is also a published poet. She was published in a table top edition of’s “Best Poets of 2004” and won editor’s choice for publication.

Tim Josephsen

Tim was born and raised in the Stanwood/Camano Island area and is married to his high school sweetheart. He earned his Associates Degree at Bellingham Technical College. In addition to being a licensed property and casualty insurance agent, Tim has also been a licensed Real Estate Managing Broker since 2007 until he transitioned into the insurance industry. His hobbies are working out at the gym, playing basketball, tennis, golf and being a Seahawks Superfan. Most of his time outside of work is spent with his wife, family and 2 cats.
From Our Blog
Five Things to Discuss With Your Teen Driver 

This week represents National Teen Driver Safety Week. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the leading cause of death of teenagers from 15-19 years old in the United States is auto accidents. In order to decrease these numbers, it’s important for parents to sit down with their children to discuss the dangers of driving. Continue Reading...
Renters Insurance Policies Help Protect More Than Just Your Personal Items 

If you’re like 2 out of every 3 renters who rent a home, apartment or other dwelling, you don’t carry a renters insurance policy. The reason for not carrying renters insurance varies, but it is important to understand that your landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings if they are damaged, stolen or otherwise. You alone are responsible for your things, so protecting them with a renters insurance policy is important. Continue Reading...
We Appreciate Your Referrals!
Thank you to our monthly referral winners, not only do they receive a $25.00 gift card, but First Rate Insurance also donates $25.00 to their charity of choice listed below. 
Previous Winners:

September - Joyce Barnet 
Charity: Aaron Brooks Foundation 

October- April Evers 
Charity: Susan Komen Foundation
Turkey and Pigskin for your Thanksgiving Holiday 

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions (9:30 AM on FOX)

Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys (1:30 PM on CBS)

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (5:30 PM on NBC)
From Ken's Office
With the holidays literally right around the corner, I thought it would be a fun idea to take a poll of our office and share with our customers some of the holiday traditions that our agents here at First Rate Insurance share with their families:

Ken and Diane Martin: Ken calls on his cooking experience in high school and college for Thanksgiving, usually cooking a Thanksgiving meal for at least 20 of their closest friends and family. It sounds like a monumental task, but everyone always chips in to bring their favorite Thanksgiving entrée and Ken gets stuck with the turkey. Diane has held a “cookie” party for the last 9 years for her girlfriends. They get together on a Sunday afternoon, share lunch, exchange ornaments and then exchange 6 dozen Christmas cookies. It is truly one of her favorite traditions and favorite times of year.

Jack and his wife Kristine get Chinese takeout for Christmas Eve and watch classic Christmas movies all night long. They will be celebrating their first Christmas with their son this year.

Lynne Bromley’s holiday tradition is a gathering of friends and family on Christmas Eve at Nana’s to play games and socialize. The children get to open a gift from Nana & Papa which is always pajamas and settle into a Christmas movie before bed so Santa will come.

Janie makes pies on Christmas Eve for Christmas dinner while watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music. 

Loretta and her husband Chris always do stockings versus actual presents for one another. They both have fun stuffing each other’s stockings full of funny little gag gifts from Archie McPhee and the like. You can never have too many pickle gumballs, French fry lip gloss or rubber chicken pops!

Ashley has spent every year with her mother making Candy Cane Cookies for the family. On the recipe, it's written in big bold highlighted letters *DO NOT DOUBLE* as candy cane cookies are made up of dividing the dough into ¼ part pink dough, ¼ part green dough and ½ white dough. Then chilling and hand twisting / rolling the color combinations into candy cane shapes. Every year they get ambitious and think “Oh what the heck” and double it as they want enough for the holiday parties, their own midnight cravings and to send some to her brother and his family in California. Fast forward to 3 hours later, when they are cursing the cookie gods and questioning their sanity….EVERY YEAR.

Tim and Kristi Jacobsen every year make it a point to go to the Christmas tree farm and cut the tree down by hand. No fake trees around their house! Afterwards they have a Christmas movie marathon which always includes “Christmas Vacation” and “A Christmas Story.”

Clint Boren and his son recognize his Mom’s Danish heritage on Christmas Eve by dancing around the Christmas tree singing American and Danish Christmas Carols. On Christmas morning, they have Danish pancakes called Aebleskivers.

Amy Timmerman makes a large mug of chia tea, puts on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and wraps all of the gifts a week before Christmas. On New Year’s day, they make a big brunch, stay in their jammies and play board games with their friends and family all day.

Shannon Dagley’s family has adopted the tradition of  making “Snowballs” (vanilla ice cream and coconut balls) They add some holly and a candle in each one and everyone sings Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then they make their own wishes and everyone blows out their own candle. Merry Christmas!

Chris Eddy spends every Christmas Eve wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies.
We wish all of you a wonderful and safe holiday season!
First Rate Insurance will be hosting a family this holiday season through Youth Eastside Services. If you would like to donate to our family, please feel free to contact Diane Martin at for a list of items to donate. 

The Adopt-a-Family holiday giving program matches low-income families who are receiving YES' services to sponsors who provide gift cards that help the families afford presents, groceries and basic necessities during the holidays. Last year, YES helped about 40 families through this program, and hopes to help even more this year.

First Rate Insurance will also be providing food boxes under the Kirkland Nourishing Network. Kirkland Nourishing Network is trying to bring to light some gaps in food security for families, right here in our Kirkland community over the holidays. We will provide a box of food from a requested shopping list and  the box is than delivered to the home of a family that really needs it.  Each box is under $50 with a standard menu of items. The key thing we realize is that we can make a real difference in the lives of Kirkland neighbors. If you would like to participate with us in supporting Kirkland kids and families in need please email Diane Martin at
Holiday Party Safety Tips 
For most of us, the holidays are a joyous time bringing together family and friends for reminisce about the past year and enjoy some good food and often times, drink. This time usually brings along with it a fair amount of travel, whether that be to and from the airport or across the state. While the holidays are exciting times, it is important to consider ways to keep your guests (and yourself!) safe this holiday season.

If you’re going to act as the host, there is a lot to do. From getting together food everyone will enjoy to worrying about clogging up the neighborhood with your house guests cars. One important thing to not overlook is prevention of holiday drinking and driving. Here are some tips to help:
  • Have a designated driver: Sounds cliché, but certainly one of the most important and simple things you can do. If nobody wants to volunteer, perhaps a small gift to thank the person who ultimately does decide to be the designated driver would help! Perhaps even a teen driver could act as the chauffeur.
  • Offer drinks other than alcohol: Sounds simple enough, but sometimes we get caught up in ensuring there is enough of the bourbon to go around that we forget about simple things like bottled water or juice.
  • Show everyone the Uber or Lyft app: Someone drinks too much and needs a ride home? Options like Uber & Lyft can be a fun discussion and experience for someone who hasn’t used the newest cab-like service.
  • Offer up some grub: Don’t forget to offer up some easy snacks that people can munch on. Drinking while being hungry can result in someone becoming overly-intoxicated. Keep in mind however, that just because you serve food doesn’t mean they can drink more.
One last thing to consider. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, drunk drivers are most often on the road between midnight and 3:00 am. Try to encourage your guests to stay or get home before this time occurs, provided everyone is okay to drive.

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays! 
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