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A Message from Andrew and Celia Cross

Hello, Adventurers of Cross Insurance Agency!  

It has been a busy winter, and we are looking forward to Spring and warm weather. We would also like to introduce our new 2021 Entegra Esteem “motorbaby” to the Cross Family. After six long months of waiting, we were finally able to pick up our motorbaby in Alvarado, Texas. We embarked on its maiden voyage this month: A 2000 mile+ trip discovering the great outdoors, getting our feet wet owning our first RV, enjoying quality time with our family, daughter, and friends along the way.   

Why do we share this news? As last year posed a bit of a travel snafu, why not take our home with us! Several of our team members also own motorbabies and are a frequent conversation topic.   

I realized how important it is to have an excellent RV insurance policy and roadside assistance plan. We by no means endorse a particular company or program, but I wanted to share what I found as a beginner “motorbaby” owner and how I had peace of mind while on or off the road.     

If you are thinking about buying a motorhome, travel trailer, or already own one, now is an excellent time to review those coverages.  

Happy travels and remember to look up and see the positive in life.  

  Some of my favorite personal resources:  

Also, check out this article about the challenge of keeping a good internet connection in a rolling RV from Fulltime Families. Here are a few pictures of our motor-baby and a couple of excellent resources that I found from other amazing RV’ers. 

Celia and Andrew Cross standing in front of their new Esteem RV parked curbside in Alvarado, Texas.
From behind looking out windshield, Andrew and Andrea Cross sitting in front seats of RV driving down the road.

-- Celia and Andrew Cross 

Office Update

Our offices may be closed to the public, but that doesn't mean we aren't available. Give us a call, book an appointment, or shoot us an email! We are ready to help you with any insurance situation or question.  

Want to see your agent while speaking with them? We can coordinate a video chat.  

Have zoom fatigue? No worries! We are happy to have a regular phone conversation that doesn't require lights, a virtual background, and wondering if you are on mute. 

Contact us here!

Book a meeting here!

Reminder: We will be closed on Monday, May 31, 2021 for Memorial Day. 

Laptop, desk phone, and phone headset resting on desk with blue gradient over image with text, “We are here for you. Call, email, video, text,
Download The App 

With our mobile app, we give you the best tools to manage your account.  

This includes: 

👉 Full policy information 

👉 Save and view proof of insurance, vehicle photos, vehicle information, and auto ID cards 

👉 View claims 

👉 Pay your bill 

👉 Home insurance property inventory 

👉 Share accident reports 

👉 Plus much more! 

 See all the ways you can use the Insurance Agent app in this handy video. 

Video play icon on top of iPhone X with home screen of Insurance Agent app displayed.

Get Above & Beyond Insurance Protection with Umbrella Insurance

By purchasing an umbrella policy, you can be covered for the following items: 

⚕ Bodily injury: Medical bills and settlement for injuries sustained to the third party. 

🏡 Property damage: Damages sustained to the property of a third-party. 

⚖ Legal fees: Hiring an attorney can be expensive. An umbrella insurance policy helps cover the cost. 

There are countless situations that can occur and exhaust your current liability limits on your home or auto insurance policy. Good news: umbrella insurance policies are relatively inexpensive. See our FAQ here: 

Learn more here!

Person holding white umbrella under dark clouds with quote from Andrew Cross at Cross Insurance Agency, Umbrella insurance helps you keep what you have worked so hard to build. For a small amount of money, you get peace of mind.”

Attention Contractors

Sometimes doing your job requires highly specialized tools and equipment. 

Inland marine coverage is for mobile equipment and tools. Think of the important stuff you take with you from job to job. Anything from excavators to your small tools can be easily protected with this coverage. This means that your truck is wiped clean on a job site, inland marine will blanket cover every item $2,500 or less in value while only paying one deductible. 

This can be added to your business insurance policy with a short phone call.  

Collage of 3 images. One of contractor looking in toolbox on the back of a truck. Second is a side mounted tool box with lid open. Third is of a trenching machine with long trench dug, along with a person shoveling dirt behind trencher.

What You Should Know About Landslides & Mudslides

Mudflows are different from other earth movements, such as landslides, slope failures, and even moving saturated soil masses in which masses of earth, rock, or debris move down a slope where there is not a flowing characteristic. 

Did you know? Damage from mudflows is covered by flood insurance; damage from landslides and other earth movements is not. Mudslides can also be covered, if defined exactly as the Standard Flood Insurance Policy defines "Mudflow.” 

Read more here!

Landslides and mudslides FAQ. Drawing of home with emergency barrier and rolling dirt.
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We Love Referrals

We love our customers and we ♥ referrals.  

We genuinely care about providing clients with better insurance coverage and are here to provide value of service, an ear to listen, and a sense of security. 

If you're feeling extra loving today, why not click the link below and share with a friend? 

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Let's celebrate Team Cross

Employee spotlight 

Please join us in wishing a happy anniversary to some of our amazing employees. Your expertise, empathy, and goofiness make Cross Insurance Agency a fabulous place to be!  

  • Alicia Bell 

  • Yesica Ayala 

  • Abby Johnson 

  • Dominic Corriveau 

New employees 

We are growing fast! Our team keeps expanding to better serve you and all our clients. Please say hi to our new employees: 

  • Annette Spencer 

  • Naomi Burns 

  • Elliot Cox 

Special shoutout 

Say hi to Jennifer, one of the ridiculously amazing people that work at Cross Insurance Agency. In addition to being a brilliant insurance specialist, she enjoys photography, scrap booking and is an avid reader. 

So happy to have you onboard, Jennifer! 

Profile headshot of Jennifer Williams.

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