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"Summertime and the livin' is easy"

Check out the Mount Vernon Farmers Market this holiday weekend!

Saturday July 6th from 9a.m. to 1p.m., the Mount Vernon Farmers Market will be 
 n operation! Located this year at the corner of Cleveland and Snoqualmie streets in Downtown across from the Library. They are celebrating their 26th year in business and support of local farmers! Local musicians will be on hand to entertain shoppers.  There will be all day raffle and door prizes. Hot drinks for the whole family will be for sale as well as spring produce, breakfast and lunch, locally processed foods and artisan crafts galore. For more information visit the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce or the market's website.

No one wants to think that they may be stuck in their home during a natural disaster, but the reality is natural disasters happen in every state in our country... 
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You get a bill every month (or six months) for your auto insurance premium. Your policy details out what is and what is not cover, but what it may not show is how your policy cost was determined...
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The sun is shining, the water is warm and boating season is upon us. By now you've probably prepped the boat, made sure your boating license is valid and planned outings with family and friends, but have you looked at your boat insurance...
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Umbrellas aren't just for rain

         Summer has finally arrived! The kids are out of school, your family vacation is booked and you have an endless supply of sunscreen. Summertime brings neighbors over for backyard barbeques, sleepovers for the kids and ample time for riding motorcycles and other summer toys. You’ve got all your insurance renewed: RV insurance, motorcycle insurance and insurance for the classic car you plan to drive with the top down, but have you considered a personal umbrella policy?
     A personal umbrella policy is just that, an umbrella that adds additional protection over your home, auto and toy insurance policies plus adds protection for vacation and personal liability. Auto and home insurance policies only cover so much in the way of costs or damage coverage, what happens if you are responsible for more than the coverage amount? If you have a personal umbrella policy, you may have additional assistance with your situation; otherwise you may have to pay out of pocket. A personal umbrella policy covers specific types of events:
  • Extended Coverage:  This coverage extends the dollar amount of your auto and home insurance policies. If you are at-fault in an expensive auto accident or you are found liable for an injury in your home resulting from negligence.
  • Personal Injury Coverage: Sometimes we all say things or post things on social media that we don’t mean.  Sometimes those things can get us into trouble with a libel or slander lawsuit. A personal umbrella policy may cover payouts for lawsuits resulting from a libel, slander or defamation of character.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Did your family vacation not go as planned? If you find yourself in an at-fault or negligent situation abroad, your personal umbrella policy may assist with damages and expenses.
  • Vacation Rental Liability Coverage: We have seen it happen before, you rent a boat or personal watercraft for the day and an accident happens. If you are responsible for an accident with rented equipment, a personal umbrella policy may help pay for new equipment.
  • Defense Coverage: Lawsuits can happen, anytime, anywhere. Fortunately a personal umbrella policy can help cover costs for attorneys, court costs and other fees associated with a lawsuit.
     Providing a little extra protection for you and your family is always a good idea. Your local independent agents at Wycoff Insurance can assist you with adding a personal umbrella policy to your existing coverage. Whatever your insurance needs, talk to the experts at Wycoff Insurance in Mount Vernon, WA.  Their years of insurance experience can save you a bundle!  You can also visit their insurance website 24/7 to learn more about the other valuable insurance products they offer.
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