Improved A-Brace
Overlap Free Motion A250

Kevin Orthotics by Foot In Motion is proud to introduce the improved A-Brace - Overlap Free Motion, model A250.  Improvements include all black hardware, plush strut cushions, vinyl bottom cover and non-slip heel post plate.

Clinical Indications:
- Ankle instability
- Ankle sprains
- Tendonitis
- Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
- Degenerative joint disease and
- Trauma 
- Congenital pathologies

The A Brace 250 Features
- Custom molded foot plate and EVA top-cover
- Fabricated with proximal of malleoli negative cast
- Three leather straps deliver maximum comfort
  & adjustability
- Non-slip extrinsic heel post
- Washable plush ankle struts padding
  provide breathable comfort
- EVA top-cover is available in three lengths:
  mets, sulcus, & full length
- Vinyl bottom cover for maximum durability

Suggested L-Codes: L1970, L2820, L2275
Kevin Orthotics works with practitioners and patients to provide the most comfortable, sleek, & durable AFOs and Foot Orthoses.  The A-Brace 250 Overlap Free Motion is an excellent value to practitioners and provides positive outcomes for patients.  Please visit our website at to view the A250 as well as our full product line or contact client services at 877-767-3338 for more details.

New and Improved Foot Orthosis Rx Form

Click on the link below to download our updated Foot Orthosis Rx.  We have adjusted the layout of our Rx form in an effort to simplify the ordering process.  The left column contains all of our devices broken down by product line: Active, Low Profile, Therapeutic, and Pathology Designed Orthosis(PDO).  The center column contains all of our modification and substitution options.  The far right column contains posting values and a plantar diagram of the foot for accurate placement of accommodations.  At the bottom of the form there is space for shipping directly to the patient as well as a space for your notes.  Please feel free to respond to this email with your thoughts about this new Rx form.

Click Here to download our new Foot Orthosis Rx form.


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