Our video page provides casting instruction for several accepted methods of capturing negative casts for Foot Orthoses and AFOs including: Plaster, Impression Foam, and STS Socks…Click here to view
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The Rosenbloom Method: AFO & Custom Shoe casting
The Rosenbloom Method Instructional Video - http://www.kevinrx.com/rosenbloom-method.html
Accurate negative casts are the foundation for excellent AFOs and Custom Shoes
Watch this step-by-step instructional video and create precise semi-weight bearing plaster casts for the fabrication of AFOs and Custom Shoes.  This method creates a plaster cast of the lower leg with no need for a cast saw, scissors , or surgical hose.  The Rosenbloom Method focuses on holding the patient in a neutral position and ankle at 90 degrees while creating a sturdy negative cast that accurately holds the shape of your patient’s lower leg.
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