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$9K OFF just for being DIRTY ?!
– Alphard HYBRID Exec Lounge

Well, there was a little more to it than that (but not much).

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2008 R35 GTR with HKS GT600 Racing Package

Wondering what a MODIFIED R35 GTR will cost in 2019 ? Actually, not that much. Take a look at this one which went through auction recently. Read more...
Luxury Car Tax Limits Raised

The Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold on imported cars has been raised on regular cars for the 2018 / 19 financial year – but oddly NOT for fuel-efficient vehiclesRead more...
2001 R34 GTR VSpec 2, 19,113 km

The VSpec 2 is leading the way on R34 GTR prices, particularly the rarer NUR models. This 2001 R34 GTR VSpec 2 in Bayside Blue sold for $142K complied. Read more...
LOW KM 2001 Mazda RX-7 RS

Here’s one for the Mazda Collectors out there. Pristine 2001 Mazda RX-7 Type RS with just 5,793 km. Grade 4.5 A. Sold for $73K complied ! Read more...
EVO 5 Prices
The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5 has jumped in price in recent years as collectors target the best, low km examples, and supply has dwindled in Japan. These days you'd be lucky to see one good example per month.
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Where are MR-2 Prices Heading ?

Well, rapidly upwards (like all other classic Japanese turbo cars up to the early 2000’s). They are set to become eligible for import to Australia under new import regulations in 2019. Read more...
Looking for Alphard or Vellfire ?

We source top condition, genuine km vehicles only.

Cost direct from Japan, this is the cheapest and safest way to buy if you want a genuine, near new car.

Select what you want from our auction system, then leave the rest to us ! Here's an Exec Lounge we inspected recently with < 7,000 km.

More examples...
2000 R34 GTR VSpec in blue

What does a low km 2000 R34 GTR VSpec in bayside blue cost ?

Basically, more every time one comes up for auction.

View the full auction inspection pics and details for this 50,587 km 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR VSpec in blue which sold for close to $122,000 complied.

Import Reg Changes
– No News is Good News ?

We are asked on a daily basis when the vehicle import regulation changes will kick in. Here's a quick recap as of July 2018.
Shipping Costs Rise
Shipping lines have implemented an “emergency bunker surcharge” this month in response to a rapid surge in fuel prices.

For those wondering when the new import regulations will actually come into effect after due parliamentary process, our best guess at this stage is during the second half of 2019.
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