Want a low km R32 GTR ?
Now close to $70K on road for the real thing 

This 1992 R32 GT-R sold 2 weeks ago for $62K complied.

Who is buying ? We have daily enquiries from USA, UK, Canada, NZ, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, South America - just to name a few.

Demand is increasing with the USA now importing up to Sept 1993 models under their 25 Year Rule and buying as far ahead as 1995 models. The few good quality GTR's available in Japan now command very high prices, with a long way to go yet on these and all other JDM classics.
Nissan Pulsar GTiR 4WD 2L turbo
Overshadowed by it’s bigger brother the GT-R - but not for much longer...

This 1994 Nissan Pulsar GTiR was one of the best examples we’ve seen in the last 12 months based on year, condition and kms. It went through USS Nagoya auction on 21 Sept 2018.

Sold for approx. $25,000 on road.
2015 Nissan Note NISMO - how cute is that ?!
1.2L auto, 18,000 km.

The zippy Note may make it onto the new SEVS list under low emissions criteria, but that remains to be seen (new import regulations still sitting with the Senate, no change for over 3 months).

This one would have been about $25K on road at current market pricing.
This damaged and re-auctioned NISMO GT-R identified by Japan Car History Check is an interesting example.

JCHC operates a fast and cost-effective service that we regularly use to provide past condition and price data to our clients prior to auction, giving them an advantage over others.
Driveable Bugatti Chiron made out of 1 MILLION Lego blocks !?

With the price of Lego these days + labour, the cost may not be far off the real thing ! :)
1993 300ZX TT 2+2 5 speed
64,346 km | Grade 4.5 B

We still have requests for these. This one sold on 24 Aug 2018 for what would be approx. $21,000 complied under the new 25 Year Rule (the 2+2 configuration is currently only SEVS eligible for Oct '96+ models).

This one was actually relatively cheap - we have seen others sell for much more recently.
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