Road Vehicle Standards Bill
~ passed 27 Nov 2018
The new vehicle import regulations we have all been waiting for were finally passed by the Aust. Govt. yesterday... after 5 long years
At last, Australian consumers will have a greater choice of vehicles at lower prices including low emissions options.
What happens next ?
There is a 12 month period before the new regulations will apply.

The old scheme will be phased out over the next 2 years.

Once the new regulations are released by the Govt. we will provide a full update explaining how the import scheme will operate in the future.

Here is a quick summary of the main points:

  • 25 Year Rule will allow the import of classic and enthusiast vehicles over 25 years old
  • Models originally sold new in Aust will still be blocked for import BUT different "variants" will be allowed - e.g. hybrid, turbocharged, 4WD etc.
  • Many new hybrid, electric and kei cars will be available - any model not sold new in Aust that meets the environmental criteria
  • Rare LHD vehicles won't require conversion
  • New inspection system should ensure higher quality standards
Yes, we can provide storage in Japan to allow advance purchase prior to import.
Fully secure, insured indoor storage with weekly start and run is available now for approx. $550 / month.

This will be most viable for rare cars or those over a certain value where market price is likely to increase over time as much / more than the storage cost.

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