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My good friends have a book coming out. 

Kirk Gray and John Paschkewitz wrote

Next Generation HALT and HASS
Robust Design of Electronics and Systems

The Kindle version is available now, and you order the hard cover version now during the pre-sale period.

These two know HALT and HASS and bring their experience and practical knowledge to you in this book.

Order your copy today
There are more books on the way from the group of engineers contributing to the Accendo Reliability project. I you have a book that would be of interest to reliability engineers, let's get promoted here.


PS: let me know what you would like to see available on the Accendo Reliability site.

You can find a listing of reliability related books at 

AccendoReliability.com | Resources | Books

Including recommended reading for those preparing for the CRE certification exam.

Here is a round up of reliability related blogs from this past month.

Better Understanding of Transformer Failures and Maintenance Necessity

Electrical Engineering Portal

by Edvard

Transformer failures Generally speaking, the transformer requires less care compared to other electrical equipment. But, as I already stated in some of the earlier technical articles, transformer failures can cause a huge problem in power system, since it’s one of the most critical link and it can take a while to replace if it fails. Let’s […]


Read the full article here.

What to Do after a Quality Problem with a Chinese Factory?


by Renaud Anjoran

Let’s say you found a quality problem before shipment. The goods are still in the factory. You paid a 30% deposit and you have pre-sold a part of the order to important customers.

This scenario plays out every day in China. And it is much better than discovering a problem after delivery (in which case there is pretty much no solution).

Many importers have the wrong reaction and count on their supplier to get their act together. It works with a well-organized manufacturer or trading company if all parties see their interest in making the customer happy. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurence.

I listed 5 steps that importers should follow. […]

Read the full article here.

Formulation of Lubricants: Base Oils

Alter Evo Ingenieros 

by AlterEvo, Ltd

Base oils are the fundamental building blocks of a finished lubricating oil or grease, their properties and endurance are depending of their quality. Tipically comprise between 80 % - 90 % of the finished lubricant.
Every base oil meet a series of properties related with its chemical composition, the main ones are: [...]

Read the full article here.

DC Metro Shut Down for Entire Day after Fire for Inspections

Your Expert Root Cause Analysis Resource

by Kim Smiley

A fire in a DC Metro tunnel early on March 14, 2016 caused delays on three subway lines and significant disruption to both the morning and evening commutes.  There were no injuries, but the similarities between this incident and the deadly smoke incident on January 12, 2015 (see our previous blog on this incident) led officials to order a 24-hour shutdown of the entire Metro system for inspections and repairs.  [...]

Read the full article here.

Where Does Maintenance Fit Into Reliability?

High Performance Reliability

by James Kovacevic

Maintenance Provides the Key Function of Preserving With the design FMEA complete, the equipment should have high inherent reliability.  The equipment can then be installed in the plant, and provide a high level of performance to the business, at least initially.  This is where Maintenance comes in.  Maintenance can enable a low Life Cycle Cost, by preserving the reliability of the equipment. Definition of Maintenance According to the Professional’s Guide to Maintenance & Reliability terminology, maintenance is “all actions necessary for retaining an item in, or restoring it to, a specified condition”.  In other words, maintenance is the process of keeping […]

Read the full article here.


CRE Preparation

Prep notes for ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer exam - ISSN 2165-8633

Short essays and tutorials on the wide range of topics you are expected to master as a certified reliability engineer. The authors of the site are working though the CRE body of knowledge and drafting material to help you understand and master the concepts, tools, and techniques.

The recent post looks at human factor considerations.

If there is something you would like to know more about, just let us know. See all the posts, subscribe, read, comments, and let others know about this free resource. CREprep.wordpress.com

NOTE: these short tutorials will soon be moving to Accendo Reliability

Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics.

Getting Started Learning Reliability Engineering

or, how to master the body of knowledge and be an effective reliability engineer.

Yes, there is a lot to know concerning reliability engineering. You should have a firm grasp of statistics, modeling, laboratory and experimental procedures, failure analysis skills, and more. [...]

Read the full article here.

NOTE: This blog is now found on the Accendo Reliability site under Articles.

The Reliability Engineering Podcast Network

Search for reliability podcasts and you will find this network on top of the results. Not only are there very few podcasts for reliability engineers, these are good shows worth enjoying.

We're having fun interviewing thought leaders and discussing your questions. Give them try and add the podcasts to your weekly routine today.

Visit Reliability.fm now.

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