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Hi <<First Name>>

Are you considering getting your ASQ CRE certification? Starting to prepare for the exam?

I've been teaching a CRE Preparation course for years. Now I'm moving it to an online, self-paced course. 

Over 40 hours of lectures in roughly 10 minutes lessons on every topic within the body of knowledge. Plus sample exam questions with worked out solutions.

If you're interested, the course is now available till June 30th. Check it out.

Prepare Yourself for the CRE
I'm working now to add more worked out and fully explained sample exam problems to the course.

Plus will be available to answer any and all of your questions as you progress through the course.


PS: let me know what you would like to see available on the Accendo Reliability site.

No Surprises - Capital Asset management (TM) Made Easy


The Conscious Asset Blog

by James Reyes-Picknell

Good physical asset management is about making sure our physical assets do what we want them to do at optimum operating cost and tolerable levels of risk to safety, our environment and to your business.

Managing physical assets to achieve that in an industrial setting involves much more than simply buying and running a piece of equipment. […]


Read the full article here.

Get your alignment in line: don't riffle while you work


Ludeca Blog

by Ana Maria Delgado

Like a lot of reliability engineers, Joe Anderson, former reliability manager at the J.M. Smucker Co., appreciated – in theory – that precise pulley alignment is critical to preventing vibration problems and ensuring successful operations.[…]

Read the full article here.

Formulation of Lubricants: Additives

Alter Evo Ingenieros 

by AlterEvo Ltd

Base fluids generally cannot satisfy the requirements of high performance lubricants, they need additives, that are chemical compounds added to lubricating oils to improve certain of its properties to the finished oils. Usually, the amount  of additive used varies from 5 to 20%.  [...]

Read the full article here.

How to Check 100% of a Small Production Batch Before Shipment


by Renaud Anjoran

As more and more companies purchase goods in China and sell them under the “Fulfilment By Amazon” model, we get more request for checking 100% of a production batch. And, to a certain extent, it does make sense.

As I wrote before, FBA sellers get booted out if many customers complain about their products’ poor quality. And, from what I hear, Amazon is going to become stricter as time passes. A random inspection is more cost-effective but is a scary thing to many importers (what if they are not lucky?). [...]

Read the full article here.

Building a Reliability Cuture

High Performance Reliability

by James Kovacevic

Laying The Groundwork for a Successful Change. It turns out that you have been deploying the right reliability tools and maintenance practices, but the organization’s culture was preventing or hampering the results.  This is a common scene played out in many organizations, but there is hope.  The culture change will be a long road, as cultures are not changed overnight. In the previous article we covered the warning signs of a culture that may be impeding your reliability efforts.  If you have determined that your culture is impeding your effort, there are some things you can do to improve it.  But […]

Read the full article here.


CRE Preparation

Prep notes for ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer exam - ISSN 2165-8633

Short essays and tutorials on the wide range of topics you are expected to master as a certified reliability engineer. The authors of the site are working though the CRE body of knowledge and drafting material to help you understand and master the concepts, tools, and techniques.

The recent post looks at material selection and reliability.
If there is something you would like to know more about, just let us know. See all the posts, subscribe, read, comments, and let others know about this free resource. CREprep.wordpress.com

NOTE: these short tutorials will soon be moving to Accendo Reliability

Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics.

Field Data Analysis First Look

In a previous article we used a Nevada chart to gather the counts per month of field failure data. The chart also provides the necessary data to account for how many units have not failed as of yet.

The Nevada chart on it’s own is just a table of number and does not reveal patterns of the changing nature of failure rates over time. Are we experiencing early life failures or wear out related failures? [...]

Read the full article here.

NOTE: This blog is now found on the Accendo Reliability site under Articles.

The CRE Preparation Online On-demand Course is Now Open

Still working on adding additional reading material and touching up lessons here and there, yet:

The course is now open to new students.

The course will close to new students at the end of June. After that time it leaves little time to fully prepare for the next CRE exam in October.

Get the CRE Course Today
Looking forward to work with you to master the ASQ CRE Body of Knowledge.

I appreciate your interest and am looking forward to offering an excellent course to help you master the CRE body of knowledge.



The Reliability Engineering Mastermind Project

One way to really propel your reliability engineering knowledge and career is to work with a group of peers.

Share you goals and challenges, plus advise and support each other as each member of the group make progress toward their goals.

You just need to find such a group of understanding and supportive professionals. Via Accendo Reliability, your professional development resource, we're making this possible.

Check out the Mastermind project. Where you register and provide just a bit of information about yourself, then we match you with a group of like professionals. Plus, a touch of advice and encouragement along the way.

Sign up today.

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